Hello, thanks for reading/looking/thinking/spending time here…

My post is about stuffs I like in SL. It is usually things I couldn’t resist, what fits to my personal style and some of the things you could never imagine wearing it… (yeah, I’m that weird XD)

This blog is not about quantity, it’s about quality. I don’t prefer posting every day (except when I’m real working bugg:) and the reason for that is because behind my every outfit has to be an idea (doesn’t matter if my computer graphic can take it or not), othervise I won’t post. And, yeah, I’m not going to write a novel about every single outfit, because nobody actually read it usually there is no need for that, but when there is – I’ll do so.

Btw… I usually DO Photoshop my pictures, nothing big, but result might slightly vary than it is in SL, so please try out demo if it’s possible.

To people

If you like my blog, please add me as a CONTACT, BLOGROLL or SUBSCRIBE…
I’d be happy to check your blog (because I simple love blogs ღ ) and if I like, I’ll do the same.New people and new way of thinking about clothes is always welcome to see and there is a lot of people who is worth admiring.

Clothes review

If you’re clothes/shoes or designer of any cute things in this Second life and if you think I could represent your stuff in good way, I’d be flattered to do so ☺
But, as I said, I can’t work on short note (NOT meaning I will need a months, just 2-3 days so I actually get my idea) and I keep my right to post items what I really like or modify items so it does fit my mood/outfit unless you state otherwise.
My blog I want to make about CUTE, AFFORDABLE and UNIQUE items and if you submit me your items, you can expect professional approach.


For any questions you can contact me in world (I’m there usually AFK, so don’t expect right-away responce), but if I don’t respond please send me notecard or nudge me again.
Or just send email on dearrasilbersztein@gmail.com, as a safest way to have me listen to you.

Have a great day, you all!

With love, Dea


Thanks Mono for this pic…

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