“Destroy everything you touch today
Destroy me this way
Anything that may desert you
So it cannot hurt you…”

Somehow, for some people, no matter what they do or try – everything always turns to be wrong.
Wrong people, wrong crowd, wrong choices. Maybe they are wrong persons.
But somehow, in certain level of casualities – they maybe, just maybe don’t deserve it. I use word “deserve” with real and dangerous caution – and I am not fond of it because I believe that we have to ‘earn’ something and most of the things happens with just a coincidence we tend or not tent to prevent.
But somehow, after all what happend to me in last few months made me rething my life-long beliefs. And 30 years of ‘practice’ in life I doubt is little to apreciate.
They said “do this”, “you should do that” – I never lived by those rules. Never ‘gained’ people, never ‘achieved’ things over others, never had huge wishes, just big dreams.
One of them was a family.
Being away from the most people.
Alone with everybody, like usual.
But now… There goes my question: What would you do if you out of blue found out you have just maximum 5 years of life left?
Did you ever think about that?
Is it crazy not to use and to think to give up or you would life it up to the max no matter of the pain and how actually painfull it could be?
Is it called bravery or stupidity to live with it?

Even when you have something to live up for – does it matter?

Dust & sparkles,

WEARING:  Yeah, you got it right – I am not going to explain any detail of it because I’m lazy arse, hehe.


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  • PETALS: E.V.E {MOD} Dancing Petals Dystopia in Purple
  • PARTICLES: E.V.E Gem in the Rough {Amethyst}

LISTENING: Ladytron, Destroy Everything You Touch



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