“I close my eyes till I see neon jungles
And suddenly everything’s green around me
I close my eyes till there’s no one around
Every face that I’ve known simply gone…”

Oh, there is a vivid death around
my head,
the signature is already known:
I took you by the words
Which broke my heart.
Naive and lazy,
I will be free.

If you ever decide
to find me in the mist
– see those worlds.
In one of them,
among the stars,
lullabies of the planets
– we will finally
got under the skin.
Somehow, will love you forever.

Second life is among the stars and me, like a planet, is seeking for the land to drop my silent bones. There is still going on amazing Vintage Fair, so take you bags and be my satellite – see you there.

Dust & sparkles,



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