“Speak in tongues
I don’t even recognize your face
Mirror on the wall
Tell me all the ways to stay away…”

Somehow, always after a storm comes a… rainbow? Unicorns?
I am not back. I am back-ish. Here and there, between two worlds.
Drifting in air, flipping in continents – continents of heart.
It all gone wrong for me – my heart is falling apart literary and counting the days how much I am here – or heart transplantation – is quite something not so much inspiring.
BUT… to easy your mind it is always a good thing to gone little creative, so here I am, covering The Vintage Fair and being so happy like a kid while making this photos since it was the format/idea I wanted to make for so long.
I did a little Illustrator job after so long and I am quite happy with the result and amazing mirror frame I had to blog.

So, visit Vintage Fair from June 9-25 and get addicted on oldie but goodie era of amazingness.
It is organized by Pale Girl Productions & Mue Prefabs and includes a tons of amazing designers with great new and exlusive releases for the event.
Check up the map and don’t get lost in the post – and enjoy your day out.

Dust & sparkles,




LISTENING: Phantogram, Black Out Days

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