“Once burned, twice shy
Too much of your light make me blind
I’d wait all night
But you left one too many times…”

There is a things never to be forgotten.
First, your smile while somehow
I will watch from now on my entire life;
non attached to you.
Second, your demons inside my brain,
they are there to stay;
Genetics is a crappy bussiness;
Third, not you.

there is a silver lining
between things you can forgive and forget,
but when crossed – all is over.
So, here we are.
Two strangers.
Two souls,
from which one
is about to become lost.

Choose wisely.

Basically – all is in credits. Skin Fair ends on 26th of March so hurry up! And looky – looky – me wearing new bento Catwa head!

Dust & Sparkles,


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