“Next time you leave
Don’t go without me

No, don’t go, no!…”

the feeling of letting it all go.
It was perfect
until you reach my shore
the perfect illusion
of mind so tender
but it was
lying to the core.

So, basically – hi again!
You are not used to see me this much, but somehow I know this post is the one I enjoyed so much making, so hopefully you will love it.
Skin Fair is still on, hurry, but the main point of this was to show you new mesmerizing tatooes from Alaskametro she made for new charity event where 100% of amount earned is donated, so… also, new dress from Moon Amore is killing so I had to blog it the minute I saw it – same for the new accessoires from Zib.
I won’t be long, as usual, will let you live with it all…

and btw,
Happy first day of spring!

Flowers & sparkles,



LISTENING to Lissie, When I’m Alone…

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