“Whistle, whistle,
Away ..

In the cold light of day.”

Remember the time we met?
The day I though we were never be us,
the thing and the thorn.
After the breakage, the heartmelt
and the dust
here we are.

Where will it lead us?
Strong enough to endure?
I have feeling in my common sense
about all the scratching
the mirrors and the bones…
The cryptic things we forgot
to forget.

But stay with me.
Stay strong.
Stay for me.

So, here we are. In another chapter of this  never-ending story.
I cannot be more happy about the opportunity to shine, show creativity and be “part of something” that matters.
So, as you guess – Skin Fair is again on.

In a more serious note – I still have to look back to the recent happenings. And it was not so nice ones.
Basically, showed me how changing the head people – whole spirit of the event can change. So – the event (under different names) I blog for like almost 3 years – happen to be a downfall of my emotional life. Under the circumstances of not being able to blog – simple because there was nothing to blog since event was on break due to shift of head people – I got warned. I got humiliated how I don’t have active blog. I got notice, half-able to read since it was not on even basic english, saying how – I’m not good. I’m not wanted. I’m LAZY. No matter I almost always produce the same number of images and it was never a problem before. Not in those words but still… then done what I could, when event started – then got kicked. Without notice, goodbye or even a – explanation?
Why am I saying this?

Respect your bloggers.
Not because one blogger is telling you to do it, but because there is a million living people behind those avatars.
People who sometimes get bond with you, with your creations, with limited opportunity to wear/live/be whatever you imagine us to be.
Because some of us is not about NUMBERS. Some of us is not made to make a thousands of similar/same images just changing outfits…
Some of us strive to EXIST.
So let us do it.
Don’t judge us by requirements made to limit the blogger’s list and to produce senseless creations nobody will even take a look (and I am not trying to offend anyone, just to share something that is happening today).
Don’t made it impossible to love you.
Because, some of us – is simple here to stay. For long. As long as there is this virtual game. The world where we exist beyond borders.
Your creations will be promoted, you will make a money, world will kept spinning – but the bonds, the virtual ones is hard to make.
So if you ever do – don’t let it goes away.
Because – in some point of my life – acceptance and admiration is more important than anything, as I realized. The people, not matter and things.

Let us love you.


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