“I know I wont get out if I fall in
So I dont wanna think about it now
It’s dark in my imagination
It is all in my head…”


Somehow, I hope to be here,
When you need me the most.
This is my epilogue,
to the “freedom”
I never experienced untill you became
I loved you before I met you,
and that moment will last forever.

Hi, people,
I am not much around because I have a good reason. But still, I try to catch up with anything that is so amazing not to be caught.
Check credits,

Dust & sparkles,



  • SPARKLES: E.V.E Gem in the Rough {Diamond} (NEW mainstore location!!!)
  • FOG & GLITTER: E.V.E Flowers of the Mist {Smoke} & part 3 {White} (exclusive @Shiny Shabby)
  • BRANCHES: E.V.E Ivy Bonsai {Sleeping Nature}

LISTENING: Of Verona, Dark In My Imagionation

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