“Leave some shards under the belly
Lay some grease inside my hand
It’s a sentimental jury
And the makings of a good plan…”

Here at the rainbowly meadow,
where our souls split on two,
little creature lingers;
He is…
Love you.

So, all the same. Check the On9 & Winter Solstice if you still haven’t – I have and basically it slip me again into my weird-fantasy mode. As one of my friend on SL would say “you look fine…except, little much weird” haha. But I was amazed by this dress and I went to much down to the lane of having tons of accesories.
Also, there is a new release from Swallow, high quality new ears with piercing and tatoos you can change yourself with a lot of choice for anyones taste.
E.V.E. too has a new relese of a swimmsuits (I am not wearing one atm), but the sparkles/decor that came beside it is rather than amazing – I think I can use with most of my photos, so I’ll probably do it.
Btw, this time I linked to every separate store in WS, so you can tp faster and more accurate to the location.

Dust, snow & sparkles,




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