“You be the moon I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Start over o darling
Begin again…”


Begin again, begin o again.
I miss my mind back then;
If I could choose,
I would be around
different planets,
Would collide into stars
and bumb into the air
not around you,
Go away. I don’t like you.
I decide my orbiting stops.

I am missing the core of it all. Sometimes I’m wrapped in my mind, trying out things and somehow not able to share it with the world… This outfit – actually whole serial of it – had been ready before week and so, but somehow there was something missing… I choose to mix it with the “green fairy” outfit, but eventually my laptop decided to kill any attempt of creating it. So, I separated it and decided to show you in  ying-yang combination, hot and cold, the one my usual, the one I felt lost in.
Today was the worst day of it all… somehow, I decided to paint it gold.
Second life is like a magical creature who always heels your wounds.

In the past month, designers I blog for, decide to make such a beautiful things to make me feel bad, haha. Basically Noke from E.V.E made so much releases, I could blog it till I die. Same for LaGyo & Little bones… Also, check the On9, it is kinda unusal and really fun to mix’n’match from it.
In any case, I hope you will find your piece of mind in it all, too.

Dust & moon sparkles,



LISTENING: Purity Ring, Begin Again


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