“She’s blinded by the fear
Of life and death and everything in between
We smile when she cries a river of tears…”

 (listening to HIM, Drunk On Shadows)

Hello, people.

This is kinda yet another advertising I kinda like it so much I had to blog it.
Mostly I wasam fascinated by anything goth, but it kinda faded away through years, but the glitches of it and seeing my avatar in such a pretty examples of the culture is kinda always a nice to remember…
My dress is from Posh Pixels, it was the inspiration for the whole look. Hair is new from Little bones and you can still find it at Collabor88, same for veil & necklace from LaGyo. Check also amazing flowers from E.V.E and of course makeup from amazing Zibska.

Hope you enjoyed my road to the memories…

Dust & Sparkles,


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