“They say you’re toxic and
You’re flowing through my bloodstream
But I don’t care what they say,
I say we’re in our own world anyway…”

(listening Glades, Speechless)


Sometimes, baby,
You spin me,
Wide open my skin,
See under all the demons
and be the fire within.


So, it is that time of year again when I moan over a summer’s death and somehow in same time insanely happy it is not so hot weather anymore. I went to holidays, rested for a bit and now… I am back to being lazy again.
I missed Second Life… there is something almost insane, like missing part of you when you don’t log in for a long period of time, but having a occasional breaks help preventing being overfed with everything inside.

As you can realize, I am far behind catching all the events inside the world, so I am trying to slowly get at least most wanted items.
This round of On9 is one of my favorite because I am all industrial girl in RL and items there is something I would/I do wear/have in RL. Check that holo top, I am kinda angry because I cannot match it with my RL sneakers hehe. Also, E.V.E made a real suprise for Enchantment, an really helpful particle which is really great for making photos. I did not need to Photoshop my pictures so much (but I did, sorry) because even a first version of them rocks because of that particles, yay. Also, Collabor 88 (which I run to grab from) is amazing and my dear LaGyo is there with kinda unusual jewelry which you can see on the photos.

Hope you enjoyed your summer too?! Talk to me, my silent followers…

Dust, Nebula & Sparkles,



  • STORM PARTICLES: E.V.E {M/C}Tornado Orion Nebula Fat [Day] (exclusive @Enchantment) – hurry up, the event ends up at the end of this months and it is a Bday round with many gifts and suprises. Also, there is a art instalation of E.V.E’s items in amazing Sea Garden. So check it!

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