“Maybe it was me
that made you old
stole whatever it was that
made you glow…”

 (listening Kings Of Convenience, Power of Not Knowing)


Symphony of you
Sometimes hurts more than
Sea would predict.

Driven by a occassion,
Passion of a fruits,
The nature would laught at us.
Or maybe we do it better.
Intimate on a egg’s shell.

Try not to think about being too much of everything or everywhere.
Try hard.
And be wherever your heart wish in SL.
Because SL is a life on a different level.




@On9 thingies

@Indie Teepee thingies

  • DECK: Toro. San Jose Floating Deck {Blue}
  • BED: DRD – evening romance – redpassion/adult
  • CRATE: Toro. San Jose Crate – Jamaican
  • Potion on the crate : [PM]Pixel Mode – Love Juice COMMON
  • ROSES on the crate : Ariskea – [Faedreams] Roses of Red
  • PHOTO BOX on the crate : floorplan. photo box – Indee Teepee Gift
  • PAPERS/book: [PM]Pixel Mode – Puck’s Epilogue COMMON
  • UKULELE: BALACLAVA!! Cigarbox Ukulele (F)
  • FAIRY: [PM]Pixel Mode – Fairy Kiss COMMON
  • MOON DECOR: [PM]Pixel Mode Crescent Moon COMMON
  • FILM CANISTER: Toro. Film Canister
  • LIGHTS: ::Knick Knacks Shop:: boho life – lights

Other items

  • PLANT 1: Mesh Plants – Leafy Plant – Big
  • PLANT 2: Mesh Plants – Small bush (used in a Sea jug as a flowers)
  • PLANT 3 – part of: Aphrodite Shop: “Botanical Corner” – Aphrodite vintage potted plant (past On9)
  • CONFETTI LIGHTS: E.V.E KOI (MOD) Square Confetti Path – Gold

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