“In the quiet hours, when the lights are out
And my mind is free to wander
As the embers burn and the planets turn
We just carry on…”

 (listening Lissie, Sun Keep Rising)

My soul is bruised.
My mind wonders more than usually…
If I try to lose it it will stay,
If I stay I will be a dust.
Being allergic to dust is
like being allergic to yourself.

So I keep losing you
In the moments
Of me being reckless little girl,
Trying to be a
Irrensponsibly possible.

…I hope you will be home soon.

Somehow, working on a ad can be more creative and inspiring than chosing your clothes for the day. So somehow I had more fun making this ad than most of the photos I made recently. There is a lot of amazingness in  so much waited Indie Teepee & new round of On9.  Little bones made incredible  collection of hairs for The Crystal Festival and I even still show you my fav of it and there is a Hair Fair almost on the door.
Oh, my hair!

Anyway, always hide in dust & sparkles,




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