“You’re too old to be so shy,”
she says to me so I stay the night
It’s just a young heart confusing my mind,
but we’re both in silence…

Somehow you became more tangible than I
was supposed to allow you to be.
You slipped into my heart,
Ruin the gates and
slowly unfurl all those nightmares
I still dream because of somebody else.
I will try to keep you,
You try to take me away…
In a forrest dark and deep,
Of a meaning suddenly formed
– might something bright
come to our dark side.

Officially, The Vintage Fair is over. On9 is running on it’s last day and I am kinda sad like I am always when something comes to its end. Not because of the any valid reason, just because of the feeling. I really love SL. It gave me beautiful people I have a chance to meet, oportunity to be whoever I wanna be through my outfits and travel in a speed of light. :)

So I invite you to do something crazy, drastic or simple fun. What could it be, please tell me? (and invite me with you)

Dust & sparkles,


BLACK VERSION: all listed here, except for the:

  • SHOES: Garbaggio // Lulu Pumps (Maitreya) – White (exclusive @On9)
  • FRINGE ANKLETS: alaskametro<3 “Jess” fringed anklet – Monochrome (exclusive @On9)

CREAM VERSION: full look credit is linked here

  • SHOES: :::ChicChica::: Perola Night (exclusive @On9)
  • SOCKS: AVICANDY Vintage Hosiery Collection (past The Vintage Fair item)
  • FRINGE ANKLETS: alaskametro<3 “Jess” fringed anklet – Monochrome (exclusive @On9)

BOTH poses from: La Jolie Rose – Solace poses (past The Vintage Fair item)

DECOR: linked all in the post here.

LISTENING: and quote lyrics on a start page from Daughter, Candles


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