“I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations;
Oh, all my friends are turning green
You’re the magician’s assistant in their dream…”


So, are we now destined to fall?

Somehow, weirdly, I am not afraid of your dark side nor
I think you will be frightened of mine;
We could call it poetic, empatic, lunatic or simple living
Way of getting to know each other.
Tired of breathing, coming down from a ceiling,
Insanely raining
Come back
I am leaving it on you.
I am dancing on your note,
In silence,
We were never there.
Untill we are.

The company you keep  are telling more about you than all your poor trying to build a paper tower of your personality. Probably it is similar with the style – the way how you look when you don’t think about is the way how you feel and it shows more You than all what your concious You make in a year.
So, I will let mine speaks for me.
This is just a continuos loop of the posts I have been making these past days/weeks, with the vintage touch because of I am so so happy.
Check credits, it is all there and enjoy in fantasy….

Dust & sparkles,

WEARING – black version:


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