“I bite my tongue and I torch my dreams
Have a little voice to speak with
And a mind of thoughts and secrets…”

Sometimes you get close to the everything you ever wanted. It seems so easy then, like everything is in the right place and the universe somehow is your friend. Those moments shouldn’t last for long because then, as long as they last, they make you forgot how it is to feel ”normal” or to fight or bite with the claws. So, they came, those moments, like a summer rain and make you feel special, loved, but not for long, because you’d get pneumonia, lol.
One of those moments were for me this week, watching Florence + The Machines live from the first row and The Kooks.
So basically my post is nothing but a happy rambling about non related things, like you are always used from me. XD
My outfit is made from pretty sparkles, I couldn’t love more. From the head to the toe (well, toe you will see in another post) I have things from amazing designers. Most of the items are from The Vintage Fair you should definitelly visit if you still haven’t – my hair, make up, lingerie and amazing harness. The skin is gift (yes, gift, yay) from Swallow and bracelet is from new round of On9.
Lot of goodies to collect.
So, start!

Dust & sparkles,

P. S. The shoes, socks and another outfit will come in following posts.

WEARING – cream version:

DECOR: look here (my previous post contains everything you wanna know)

LISTENING: listening Daughter, Candles



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