“Think you’re in control until you’re not
And you’re so in love until you forgot,
Find a place where we can be alone
…a place where we can be ourselves…”



I am feeling my lungs being so
tender with you.
The grasp of a air
doesn’t hurt so much when you
are around.
I can feel like this house
is a perpetum mobile
of a never-able-to-achieve dreams.
I think I might like you.
More than myself.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post only to amazing decor-designers. First I done a lot of photos with avatars, but then my new home was so much into my mind I even decorated when I was half-asleep, haha.  Most of the things are from the new-old Arcade gacha and the amazing decor-kicking event The Vintage Fair. I hope you have already visit it, but if not, then you should. I am kinda obsessed with the weird things but my eternal love is old things. I am that kind of lunatic who made my own furniture in RL, that kind of lunatic who travel in another city to get thing what I want and able to wait for hours and search for days a hairdresser who are able to make old fashioned hairs.
So… See you there!

Dust & sparkles

DECOR: from the left of the scene to the right

LISTENING to Vance Joy, Riptide & We All Die Try Trying to Get It Right




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