“A scream that hides in the lungs
Hides within your flesh and bones;
Sticky and transparent in my palm –
it stays elastic!”


When alone,
In a nightless night, hospital sings
In siren views.
Occasionally I hear the beeps
my heartbeating lungs.
When it is all done,
when it will start beating?
Did it miss its chance
or I am still a recklessly invited?
Wake me up, wake me up…


Omg, am I alive, does it still beeping? I am trying to teleport into the past to be able to finish all those broken po(s)ts and it seems impossible. I got too much items and too little times. And then, all plans fall apart because of the Indie Teepee, haha (you know what I am talking about, little Miss Sun-amat, haha), BUT – I still hope.. and there is still time.

Main inspiration in this weirdness of a post came from amazing Arcade gacha item from my darling Moon amore who rock the event with that super-cutely-scary dresses. I choose to show off in my rare sceleton dress, haha, just because I am not a girly girl (meh!) and I love unicorns (even tho I am not sure what that creatures are but I love them) and weird things, so the other one in a more sweet manner was not my thing… I lie. I wanted to mealt an icecream soul out of you with cuteness but my friend said no to my weirdness and then I was forced to pose alone. (*sob* I hope next time there will be a nice soul who will not let me be alone). Also, in that looks fits perfectly my new Swallow ears also from Arcade. So.. enjoy in spinn the gacha machine. And may the odd be in your favor. XD

AND – as I said in previous post – Vintage Fair OMG! I did not feel any excitement (being in a hospital in a state of mind of not recognizing myself is maybe, just maybe a cause, haha), but then as the previews of items started to be visible, I got more cravings and then… I catch myself of planning ahead a tousands of outfits I did not have time to make. But it will be starting soon. In this post I (ab)used just a poses which I transform into something I needed them to be.

I combined all with the cute Exposeur candy prop. That store is closing down soon and there is a huuuge sale and most of the things will be retired after June 30th. Decor is from my lovely friend Noke from E.V.E. studio. I feel like a lazy bee for not posting more of those flowers, but I like it to be a non-present sun in a post. Ah!

So, all in short… enjoy in weirdness.

Dust & sparkles,


  • SKIN: [:Tuli:] Iris / T1 / light
  • BODY: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
  • MAKEUP 1 – lips: Zibska – Tempt 08
  • MAKEUP 2 – lips open: Belviso – Open Mouth W/Teeth Tattoo.
  • MAKEUP 3 – eyeshadow: Zibska – Caia 14 (NEW @Uber)
  • MAKEUP 4 – eyeshadow black: Zibska – Noir 05 – 03 (NEW @ULTRA – run till the 15th June)
  • TATOO: .::Nanika::. Astra tattoo black / white (group gift)
  • HAIR: [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Carlin
  • EARS:  ^^Swallow^^ Ears Goth SILVER *RARE* (NEW @Arcade Gacha Event)
  • EYES: [UMEBOSHI] Jaded eyes -Smoky Purple-
  • NECKLACE 1 – long: =Zenith=Belt Necklace (6Colors) (past gift at some event, dunno)
  • NECKLACE 2 – chocker: NOX. Zephyr Choker [Black] [OC]
  • DRESS: MoonAmore+CURELESS / SugarCoated / RARE / Skelly CarouselDress (NEW @Arcade Gacha Event)
  • CROPPED SWEATER: dami – Crop MTM, xs (gift at past The Chapter Four)
  • HEADPIECE: MoonAmore+CURELESS / SugarCoated /  REWARD / SkellyCarouselHeadress (NEW @Arcade Gacha Event – this is a gift which you get after pull the maching for 50 times)
  • SHOES: MoonAmore+CURELESS /Skelly CarouselShoes /SLinkHigh/ Onyx (NEW @Arcade Gacha Event)
  • BALLON: +Half-Deer+ Skellyfish Balloon (wear)
  • POSE 1 – full: Pose It – MoonBeam Flapper (Poses & Moon) (exclusive @The Vintage Fair 2016) – pose is modified, just to warn you. I removed the moon and turn upside down avatar… I loved it that way.
  • POSE 2 – close up: * La Jolie Rose * – Pin up pose7 (exclusive @The Vintage Fair 2016)


  • FULL SCENE: Exposeur – Candy Colors (past gift, but HURRY UP! Store is being closing and the final sale ends June 30th)
  • WALL FLOWER: E.V.E. – DYSTOPIA Cyber Flower Pins Fireflies {M01, Rust Metal}
  • BUSH FLOWERS: E.V.E. – Ivy Tree [M01] dwarf cherry
  • LIGHT PATH: E.V.E. – KOI (MOD) Square Confetti Path – Black/White 01
  • HANGING LAMP: by Chiana Oh – Hanging Hanky Light [Special Edition – The Cookie Jar
  • HANGING MOON: Una – mY mOON dECOR (past gift at event, don’t remember)
  • SPARKLY TREE: ionic – where is my light tree?
  • LIGHTS: striped mocha – fairy dust pendant – gray
  • SWALLOWS: {anc} forget. Swallow [leafgreen] 5Li (NEW @Arcade Gacha Event)
  • SPILLED CORN: +Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Corn – Pastel – Trail (was a gift)
  • UNICORN in a glass: :[P]:– Extinct Magic Cloche:// Magical (Porcelain)
  • UNICORN HEAD: it is actually part of collection – MoonAmore Lucrezia /Unicorn Head/ Mask (Silver), but I put it on the ground.

LISTENING to: Grimes, Scream – from new album Art Angels. Yay.



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