Welcome to the Vintage Fair 2016 from
June 10th – 26th…
Click for more and let your dream begin!

Vintage Fair is one more great event made by PaleGirl Production, which you probably know as a organisator of a Skin Fair.
In this event over 100 designers have come together to create designs from bygone eras, pre 90’s, and every one of them have an exlusive design made for you to enjoy a hint of past.

Event is sponsored by MESHWORX, Entice, Cynful & ChiMia and other stores is listed on a map. (click on a map for tp!)
Vintage Fair - Sim Map for the Inworld

Important thing is to warn you about strict low script policy enforced, which basically means to not go there completelly dressed up for a girls-night-out, but to wear as low as possible things on yourself so the others can enjoy the shopping too. Also the sim is Moderate, so please don’t do anything crazy or inappropriate.

For any more info and a items preview visit official blog and after the visit, add your goodies to the official Flickr pool :)

I hope you will enjoy!
Dust & sparkles,


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