By your heartstrings I am
hanging from a dream

Come look closer,
Don’t fear me…”


Will you fear me when I’m over,
Drifting through this flow
Of sorrow and hope,
Only to find out there is somebody
Who uses his light
To tresspass life’s door?
You choose rather
To be forgotten
than to see what you can become.

I will miss you when you’re over;
I am even missing you now.
You share minutes of your life
with the grimmest of all your fears.
Your own self.

Wish you luck. I hope you will get there,
sooner than I will survive.


Rough times. I am not able to blog much – or at all, just trying to. Between all those blue rooms, somehow entrance into my most dear world got collided by nightmares and sickness…
And it is too bad. This month was most amazing than most this year and I am crying my tears out for not being able to show you all I already prepares…
BUT, start with small steps…

Hope you’ll enjoy.

prolonged dusty lungs & sad sparkles,


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