“Shining like a work of art
Hanging on a wall of stars
Are you what I think you are?”

 (listening Guster, Satellite)

Sometimes it is time to give up.
To pick up our stuff and go
chase unicorns.
Through the galaxy…
Or go live in Norway…
Or… write you a letter
how it is mistake
All what you’ve done.

But we rather choose to stay.
Listen to the noise
of our now separated souls.
Be there.
Be broken.
Only – be.


Sometimes – Second life. I am only a step from melting point. Have patiente with me, please. I can sense the great things I will do there, but not yet. Until then, enjoy in amazingness of all creative designers which things I tried to show you.
Tired dust and crazified sparkles,



9 thoughts on “.You Are My Satellite

    1. :) I like it, but it was supposed to be more brighter and more starry… Thank you for your comment… we still haven’t figured out and posed together :(
      And I am sooo lonely and noninspired to do anymore posts. :(


      1. I ‘ve noticed that on SL blogs- I have one but I don’t post a lot on it as it never gets much response that way my other photo/story blog does. Please pop by anytime!


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