“Radio and the bones we found frozen,
and all the thorns and the roses
beneath your window pane…”

 (listening Iron & Wine, Tree By The River)

We have a options
to choose not to have options.

you did it.

Did you know
that it is it
in the time when you
Chased the star
between her tights?
Tree, skin, body, ache…
Sometimes it all dies too soon.


I feel powerless, I feel completelly numb. I am trying to create something good, I chase imagination, but I am lack of it constantly.
How do you regain a love for something you already love, but you don’t feel good enough?
I need a break… but I can’t have it.
So… try to even imagine that for this post did not took me like 10 days and try to imagine that I haven’t Photoshoped this for 5 days. It was such amazing items and such lame me.
So in any case… Try to be more optimistic than me this time.

Blown dust & tired sparkles,


DECOR – is listen in previous post here.

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