“Black houses in the hills and
roadside hearts
Dying for a place to fall apart…”

(listening Iron & Wine, The Desert Babbler)




Are you a stranger?
The strangest little heart I found
in my escapism of the never-letting-go-of-the-unknown.
I cherish you in my dreams,
I write about you every day
even tho you will never read it.
I am here.
but yet alive and ready
to fall apart.

So, what is the boiling point
or your heart?
Does it have a line
when there is no return?
Will it be free…
for another milion years?
 Lautricienne aka. me)


Why not? Why not spending days decorating our virtual non-existance, why not enjoying the never-existed birds, why not smell the flowers which you cannot taste?
Why not?
I wish for a never-ending-winter, but the spring came and somewhere along the path of allergy and too much sun, also came the smile.
In form of flowers, in little animals and colors. So, run to the new On9, there is tons of gifts and pretty things. I tried to show you how pretty things can be cute and affordable.
So, enjoy!

Dust, polen & sparkles,

DECOR: (I tried to list everything, going from left to right on the photos. I apologize in advance if I forgot to list something)

NEW! @On9

  • GREENHOUSE: Aphrodite Shop: “Botanical Corner” Boxed/Copy (it comes pre-loaded with the sofa, vines, plants, can, decor and stuff…WOW!)
  • EMPTY POT (I put cactus inside): [ … Bloodrakex. ] Flowerless -//- Flowerpot
  • SHELF: by Chiana Oh – Vine Shelf Set [Green]
  • COMMODE: ChiC buildings – Book Lover’s Commode – Color Change Shabby (hunt gift!)

older items from @On9 

  • VASE (with orchidea): :: NEWCHURCH :: Orchid Tall Vase Terrarium
  • VASE (with cactus): :: NEWCHURCH :: Cactus Bowl Terrarium
  • STEPS: Serenity Style – Decorated Steps

Other thingies:

  • TRUNK: Apple Fall – Wooden Trunk (Decor) (was gift at one event, don’t remember where)
  • CANDLE HOLDER: by Chiana Oh – Bird Candle Holder [Brown_sm]
  • LAMP: Air – Light_Anniversary gift for CCB_Light_CM (past gift)
  • CHANDELIER: striped mocha – fairy dust pendant – gray
  • HEART: Apt B // Heart Light Present (gift)
  • BRANCHES: {anc} Hatsuyume / flower branch(ground) pink 2Li
  • VASE on a shelf: dust bunny – twinkley twigs (gift)
  • VASE with feather: Apple Fall  Pheasant Feathers
  • LIGHTS: [ keke ] twinkling lights log – snow wood 1
  • SKUL candle holder: Construct – Skull and Candle – 1 li (gift)
  • little candle: [ zerkalo ] Halloween in White – Single Candle (gift)
  • BOTTLE with dry flowers: Willow Home – Aged Vase (Rusted)
  • FOX: +Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Sleepytime & Antwatching
  • BIRDCAGE candle holder: 8f8 – Cupcake Light – *White*
  • CACTUS: Cube republic – Peyote arrangement 3
  • PATH: Sari-Sari – Wood Slab Path (Spring)
  • SPARKLES: E.V.E KOI (MOD) Square Confetti Path – Black/White 04
  • IVY TREE: E.V.E [MOD} Ivy Tree [M02-No leaves]  Sleeping Nature & Snowed
  • TREES CLUSTER: TheLittleBranch_FlamesMapleCluster{AllSeasons}
  • FENCE: Lark – Rainy Day Fence – Long (2)

LOCATION: private skybox which actually belongs to my friend and it is not yet finished… even tho, if you wanna see my mess – ask me for LM, hehe.


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