“Well, its only lonely soul I’m after,
Lonely souls in the sweet hereafter
The heart is dark but the world s darker…”

 (listening to Neverending White Lights, The World Is Darker)

Cross your heart and
hope to die.
Bless your fear
with the golden scar.
Violently seduced
in the promise land.

Make it happens,
Made me alive.
 Lautricienne aka. me)


SL so bold and beautiful.
I got into another creative phase, I am trying something new, something old, but with the twist of – demented, haha.
I always got into mood of how I look in RL and this phase I call “I really hate my hair and I wish to paint it purple”, so yay, it is possible in SL. Same for wearing whatever you’d like without thinking of a weather condition, what is polite and what not and what people would think if I go out wearing almost see-through bodysuit.

Version of this photo is made for a promo ad, but then I decided to make a twist, add new things and post it as my state of mind these days. And I cannot be more thrilled in them since  I got selected by amazing Zibska to be their test-rabbit (kiddin!) – and make psychodelic photos. Yay for photos!

Love you all.
Dust & sparkles,


  • SKIN: ^^Swallow^^ Alice Porcelaine (7.Spring) Brown
  • BODY: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
  • MAKEUP 1 – eyebrows: [KoKoLoReS] BP – Shades of… black eyebrows_04
  • MAKEUP 2 – finelines: [KoKoLoReS] BP- Fine Lines middle
  • MAKEUP 3 – lips: La Malvada Mujer –   Scale N5 /lips
  • MAKEUP 4 – eyes: La Malvada Mujer – Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide#3[eyes]
  • MAKEUP 5 – nose contuour: NOX.Nose Contour [Dark] (tintable)
  • EYES: [UMEBOSHI] Gigi eye -Iron-
  • EYELASHES: .:JUMO:.  Eyelashes Feather
  • HAIR 1: little bones. Strange (S/blunt)
  • HAIR2: little bones. Freya
  • VEST: CURELESS [+] MoonAmore / Sour Candy Vest / Vinyl Purple (S)
  • BODYSUIT: {POSH PIXELS} Diva Lingerie – Genesis Cyber Suit – OMEGA – Purple (NEW! release, not sure if yet avaliable. And it is writen for Omega, but designer made a kit who made it possible to wear with ANY body or mesh part you have. Isn’t it cool?)
  • HEADPIECE: Zibska ~ Etsuko Headpiece (@Jewelry & Accessories Expo 2016)
  • COLLAR:  Zibska ~ Etsuko Collar (@Jewelry & Accessories Expo 2016)
  • TATOO: [AR2 Style] Black Soul Tattoo (@MOM March)
  • SPARKLES: [E.V.E] KOI (MOD) Square Confetti Ring – Silver
  • POSE: I have no idea, really, but I assume it is Vibe since I am mostly using theirs.

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