“Well, this side of mortality is
Scaring me to death…

(Don’t think about it at all)
Don’t miss yourself when you’re gone.”

 (listening The Temper Trap, Soldier On)


Mind colliding, mind exploring
Empty hearts run free.
Somewhere in the distance
Echoes of the thunderstorms,
Barricades of sounds,
Screams of the deafs
Shallow grave of hope.

I wish you exist.

 Lautricienne aka. me)


Yet another heart breakage, yet another ordinary day.
Worth of seeing, feeling, hurting, running away…
Are we lost under this starry skies?

Second life, place to escape, place to be.
Place to share feelings.
Place to dream.

This is one of my favorite post. Items are more than amazing from On9 and Collabor 88. I gone for most deadly romantic look with Pixicat’s dress, added Zibska’s, LaGyo’s and Bloodrakex quirks, same for the amazing wings from MSS and chain ones from E.V.E.
I was more than happy seeing myself in new skin from UMEBOSHI, because it feels like ME.
Any more details… read.
I feel close close to the universe,

Universal dust & sparkles,



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