“Your dreams and memories are
blurring into one
The seams which hold the waking world
have slowly come undone…”

All you want is…
something you never ever wanted
to admit you need.
You dreamt of waking up
next to mine
shattered body,
Through something non touchable
You keep changing your

It should never stop,
because it won’t.

We are meant to be,
We will never fall apart,
apart from our tangled

 Lautricienne aka. me)


Sometimes we thinks… about all the things we wanted, we did not made and how hard was to admit we simple gave up.
Sometimes we think we deserve the things nobody should provide except us but it is easier to blame all the other people for our own failure (not doing things or not finishing it isn’t declared as a personal success no matter what you think!).
In those moments I wish I am not here. I am not separated, I am still free as a lovely unicorn I used to be.
Free to do all those things I wanted, blue haired, spontaneous and complicated.

Is complicated for me those days. Struggling between fantasy and kinky things I somehow stuck in making pictures like this. I can say that most on inspiration always used to come from the poses from the amazing Journey from vibe poses and now being apart from it (blogger group closed) makes me really really sad.
The rest of this weird pic is somehow influenced and based by things from a past ROMP event (this post is late, during the RL reasons), decor from Artisan Fantasy & lingerie from a Dead Dollz. But the final touch came from always great choice from a On9 event and my lovely Aisha store.
Anyway, let the picture speaks.

Whip & sparkles,


BUNNY – left

HORNS – right


LOCATION: my skybox.
LISTENING: listening BastilleSleepsong


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