“I close my eyes until I see
I don’t need hands to touch me
Be a Body”

 (listening to Grimes, Be a Body)

Well, are we here again?
Trying to escape
The prisons of our fantasy land
Built in a moment of loneliness?
You are. All I am.
Sometimes I wonder
if you
Are actually me?

Will I lose myself again
deep down under the skin?

 Lautricienne aka. me)


SL. Or going down to a rabbithole. I never imagine where it would take me, but I guess it is fun while it lasts.

Fantasy isn’t just a fantasy, everything can be your imagination if you allow it to happen.
I am in love with something different at this point of my (S)Life and I want to try something new.
So, it leads me to ROMP event which is actually full of wonders (even tho I did not know what some of them are for, haha).

I wanted to thanks to all who trusted me with proving their items.
More details about complete outfit in a following post.

Sparkles and… weirded unicorns,





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