“You be the moon I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Start over o’ darling
Begin again…”


I tried, I tried, I tried;
WE do sparkle
like nonexisting light from
our still-in-the-forrest Christmas-tree;

I know you don’t love me,
But I also know
I will be loved like
Never before.

Next Christmas,
in the following season
Of lying to myself.
But I will be gone.
Away from you.



Merry Xmas to you all!

I graduated before two days and I think it is officially nominated as a best Xmas present ever – right?
Anyway, I again apologize for being so looonggg away, but now you know why and it was worth it.

So, I will make quick outfits these days and try to show you all the wonders from Xmas on 34th Street (general information provided below!), On9 and few more events.

Snow & sparkles,



P. s.

The Christmas on 34th Street 2015 is presented by:
Pale Girl Productions
sponsored by:
Blues Hair
The Annex
Salt & Pepper

Christmas on 34th Street is a holiday event focused on gift giving. All merchandise offered at the event will be transferable (excluding the 10L gift). The atmosphere reflects a sleepy small town set in a black and white movie.

***IMPORTANT*** Due to the way we have done our packaging for the event, the items purchased are transfer but upon opening become copy. So if you would like to gift the items purchased do NOT unpack the vendors.
The event takes place from Wednesday, December 9th through Sunday, December 27th.
We will be enforcing a strict script policy at the event. Please come in as little as possible and detach all objects that you may be wearing. This will allow for a better shopping experience for all. We suggest wearing system clothes for the event.
To keep up to date on the events that Pale Girl Productions host, you can join the Pale Girl Productions Info Group. This group will also get a 12 hour early access pass and so will be able to start their shopping on December 8th. Please copy and paste the following link into your SL browser to join the Pale Girl Productions Info Group:

We are looking forward to this amazing event and hope to see you there! Doors will open December 9th at 12:01am SLT. The location will be announced at a later time.


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