“The infrastructure will collapse
From voltage spikes
Throw your keys in the bowl
Kiss your husband ‘good night’!”

 (lyrics Radiohead, House of Cards)


We dance on the radioactive
strings of our nerves;
Trying so hard to resolve
Bad-bad-panda error on our hearts:
If someday we split,
Flickr won’t be down
but we will not sleep like
teddybears together.

Sometimes I love you
more than death,
when you tell me to
skip the work,
cross the line,
be with you.

Sometimes… we exist.



As you know,  I was giant mesh-hate-user who sworn to death never to use mesh parts. Look at me now! (better say what you think and that would be “look my booty!”)

I cannot say my gratefulness to the amazing person who gave me early Xmas present – my very own Maitreya body.
It is… can I wear it everyday, pretty please?
I already finish this post twice faster and said twice less cursewords during the process, haha.

From something else – Moon Amore rock the November with creativity, events like On9 & My Attic started and…
What are you waiting for?


Dust, glitter & sparkles,


  • SKIN: Genesis Lab_Cream_Skin_DARK_BROWN (once was free)
  • BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 (Thanks, Luy! You saved this poor blogger from hours of crappy Photoshop business!)
  • MAKEUP 1 – lips: NOX.  Korra Lip [Red] (NEW! @Cosmopolitan)
  • MAKEUP 2 – eyes: antielle. Onryou Yuurei Makeup (FULL // Black) (was free)
  • MAKEUP 3 – nose contour: NOX.  Nose Contour [Red]
  • MAKEUP 4 – eyeliner: :JUMO:. Zara Eyeliner 3
  • EYES: The Stringer Mausoleum – Shyanne Eyes [Mesh] – Stone (NEW! @My Attic November)
  • HAIR: [monso] My Hair – Sujin /Red
  • PIERCING 1: DATUM // Divided – Black
  • PIERCING 2: DATUM // LeBlanc ~ Gold
  • NECKLACE 1 – black short: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Tokyo Necklace – Black (NEW! @On9)
  • NECKLACE 2 – long: Zibska – Fontaine Necklace  (NEW! @On9)
  • NECKLACE 3 – little eiffel: {Imeka} Macarons In Paris (free! @The Kawaii Project)
  • EARRINGS: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Tokyo Earring Black (NEW! @On9)
  • HEADWEAR: .AiShA. Angelical Bracelet R Silver (NEW! @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  • BRACELET: .AiShA. Angelical Bracelet R Silver White (NEW! @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  • GLASES: ERSCH – Chic Glasses (Black/Red) (NEW! @On9)
  • TATOO legs: DATUM // Revolver – tattoo (NEW!)
  • GLOVES: :Moon Amore: Dear Deer – Gloves (NEW! @The Gacha Garden)
  • JACKET: -Pixicat- Bastet.Jacket – White (Maitreya) (past Arcade)
  • VEST: Kaithleen’s – Fur Vest – Maitreya (NEW! @My Attic November)
  • UNDERWEAR – bra: :.:Katak:.: Set Russian Black – Top for Maitreya (NEW!) (p.s. store was called Center Ville in case you are wondering, from the lovely Luy, wee)
  • UNDERWEAR – pants+socks: *LACUNA* Alice Lingerie – Black (NEW! @My Attic November)
  • BOOTS: LAVIAN – [SIGNATURE] Khitten Boots (past FAD event)
  • MASK in hand: :Moon Amore: Baroque Masquerade SILVER (part of Baroque dress collection – NEW!@We <3 Role-Play)
  • POSES 1&2: {NANTRA} I’ll Cry if I Want To (NEW! @My Attic November)



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