“Leaves colliding into themselves,
We’re high, we’re tall
Inside our chests
Wood fails into the soil.”


In the morning
Pour me in your dream:
Take my hand and sail away.
We will visit the Bergen, Oslo
or New York.

Skiing on the cloud we will
Smell the jasmine from a Tunisia,
Feel the Tokyo’s vibe or
Zagreb’s sorrow.

We will be whatever we
Want to be.
Because it is only in the skin.



I miss SL.
Since all the craziness started, I did not have time to even breathe there: my arm is still a mess and my time is still taken for a “more important crap” like being a responsible human being who is writing its final seminar for the University.
I miss traveling aroung SL, teleporting on a mass tp (haha, no) or simple good old exploring around. I must confess I love strangers in our virtual world – it can be crazy maniacal person who will ask you to take your virtual soul or it can be nice person who will be interested why your avatar stands frozen for hours while you’re taking photos and then that same person take you around and show you even more nice places for photos. (Thanks!)
Before I simple let that day surprise me, but more and more I crawl into myself, not allowing people to come close or simple existing without existing buried even in that virtual work.
So, after all the RL crap is done, I hope I will be able (or willing) to change my SL one.

About things:
I haven’t been much around, except to pick up gifts and items I see on SeraphimSL from all the great events I did not have a time to visit. I must say this month was amazing and could easily go broke if I have a more time online. And I was and still am more than grateful to all the great people I work for/with for haven’t kick me out from the blogger groups while me being on prolonged time-off.

leaves and sparkles,



  • SKIN: .:JUMO:. Zara Skin Pale Brown Brows CL (NEW release!)
  • MAKEUP 1 – beauty marks: [theSkinnery] Beauty Marks – style 2
  • MAKEUP 2 – eyeshadow: NOX. Restless [Three]
  • MAKEUP 3 – lips: [UMEBOSHI] Autumn’s lips -Red Wine (gacha)
  • MAKEUP 4 – teeth: [UMEBOSHI] Autumn’s lips – Teeth V.2 (gacha)
  • MAKEUP 5 – smile rip: NOX. Glasgow Smile [Darker] (@Nightmare Night hunt gift)
  • MAKEUP 6 – forehead tatoo: NOX. Dotwork Tattoo [Five] RARE
  • MAKEUP 7 – eyeliner: :JUMO:. Zara Eyeliner 3 (comes in the skin package, yay! same for all appliers)
  • EYELASHES: ::SlackGirl:: Panic Lashes Tip Colors (@On9 – last day)
  • HAIR: little bones.  Rose (@Epiphany)
  • HAIR ACCESSOIRES: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Arirang Headpiece Black (@On9 – last day)
  • EARRINGS: (Kunglers) Philippa earrings  – Jasper (@On9 – last day)
  • BANGLES: LaGyo – Charlotte bangle 1&2 (triangles) (@The Chapter Four)
  • ARMLETS: [sYs] REAPER armlet (with HUD) – right&left (@On9 – last day)
  • RING: Meva – MeiMei Ring gold right (@On9 – last day)
  • TATOO – full: DATUM } Bloody hell – tattoo
  • GLOVES: alaskametro<3 “Amber” knit fingerless gloves – Marsala (@AnyBODY)
  • DRESS: :Moon Amore: Ceres – Dress (A Forest Tale Gacha) (Past The Gathering event)
  • DRESS RIBBON: :Moon Amore: Ceres – Ribbon&Doves (A Forest Tale Gacha) (Past The Gathering event)
  • BOOTS: :[Plastik]:– Kimora Boot [XXS]://Emboss
  • POSES: [KoKoLoReS] {three}pack 003

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