“So pull me out of this dream
Turn off the television
Put on a romantic vinyl
And come to bed again…”

 (lyrics Kashmir, The Cynic)


Sometimes I wonder,
If your favourite band
is my favourite band
Are we linked with the strings
of the soul?


Hi, people, world is calling,
I am happy, I am weightless, I am free…
I wanted to share my little worldly-mind-sparklish part of the whatever and to say how so far – I’ve found new home, I’ve almost reaching my final exams and final paper and…found a new space to live well, I will be here for a while now and you will be able to giggle on my attempts to blog, haha.

In SL is happening so much things I am barely able to follow while having bunch of stuff in RL.
Most important ones were for me On9 (where I got my little corner completely furnished), Collabor88 (where idiot me got completely broke so won’t have any money for future stuff to blog, lol) & Kustom9 where I got to think about stuff. Few others more, so check the links.
Again though on a mesh head – I got new one from Genesis Lab. Even tho I liked it so much, I had problem with the eyes. Call me stupid, but I spend time trying to adjust it without need to wear shape in the package provided. Ugh. I still have no idea what to think about. I don’t feel like ME, but I wish one day to purchase custom head.
Is anybody familiar with a person who will make a Dea head and I will be his/her personal unicorn for the rest of my second life?

Summer is over. Yay!
Let’s blog.

P. s. I got to thank to one special person, Journey from the Vibe store (yes, I am ruthlessly promoting her store and you cannot do anything about, hehe) for amazingly warm and tender support she gave me during the previous few weeks when I was about to break down. I always keep repeating how SL is one amazing place, but I never expected so much love and support enough to boost my brain cells in RL to move and to break all those problems into something what can be beaten.


  • SKIN/MESH HEAD: Genesis Lab – Head_Emily_2.0_Sad (NEW gacha @Kustom9) if anybody is up to trade/buy I wanted normal one head.
  • MAKEUP: Genesis Lab – Lip Glos medium (NEW gacha @Kustom9) – if anybody is up to trade/buy?
  • EYELASHES: alaskametro<3 – Diva prim lashes
  • HAIR: little bones. Titania (L) (NEW!@Collabor88)
  • HEADPIECE 1 – butterfly: Swallow – Butterfly White
  • HEADPIECE 2 – pearls: ALEGRIA – ETHEREAL Headpiece of Pearls Silver (NEW@Enchantment Fair)
  • NECKLACE 1 – long: Swallow – Elisabeth necklace (LONG) (NEW@Vintage & Cool Fair)
  • NECKLACE 2 – flowers: Meva – Flower Spheres Necklace Silver (exclusive @On9)
  • BRACELETS: Meva – Flower Spheres Bracelet Silver (exclusive @On9)
  • NAILS: Nailed It – Slink – Ombre II Set HUD (wear) (exclusive @On9)
  • HAND TATOO: [NI.JU] Smudgy Fingers SLINK HUD – tattoo
  • DRESS: :Moon Amore: Papillon Dreams Dress (Medium)w/butterflys (NEW!@Collabor88)
  • SOCKS: ~Cannibelle~ Plain Ankle Socks – Orchid 2
  • SHOES: AnaMarkova – Seneca Heels Pure (exclusive @On9)
  • BALOON: :Moon Amore: Papillon Balloon (Lilac) (gift!@@Collabor88)
  • POSE: full is integrated in piano adjusted with ANIMARE, but close up is (marukin) girl’s dream (friends poses) (NEW!@Collabor88)


  • PIANO: Serenity Style – My Old Piano LINKED (exclusive @On9)
  • FLYING CAT: +Half-Deer+ Winged Cat – Contemplate (NEW gacha @Kustom9)
  • GLASSES ON a FLYING CAT: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. “CuiCui!” Glasses [Neko] (exclusive @On9)
  • CRATE/TABLE: by Chiana Oh – Upcycled Crate Side Table [Yellow] (exclusive @On9)
  • FOX: +Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Sleepytime
  • PAPER CRANE: [DDD] Paper Crane Holdable (gift!@@Collabor88)
  • BUTTERFLIES on the floor: dust bunny & windsong . paper butterflies
  • FOOD: :Moon Amore: PsyFood Empanada (Hold) (past Gacha Garden)
  • BOOK LINE: floorplan. leaning book stack / monotone
  • BOARD: :HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {3}
  • TRIANGLE feather picture: floorplan.&willow. venturer wood print / feather (free!)
  • FLOWER 1 – Serenity Style – Stars Vase (past On9)
  • FLOWER 2 – glowing: dust bunny . twinkley twigs
  • CURTAINS: :CheekyPea: Delilah Earth Sheer Curtain
  • LIGHT LOG: [ keke ] twinkling lights log – snow wood 1
  • BIRD CAGE: !Ohmai: HF2014 Tweeter Companions (Sml Cage Rez) (was free)
  • MIST + GLOWING STUFF: {anc} nebra beads + mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] pole 2Li (NEW!@Collabor88)
  • FIREFLIES LIGHT: ALEGRIA – Dancing Stars Fireflies White Lights (Blue & White, combined, few sizes) (NEW @WE<3RP)
  • SKYBOX: :HAIKEI: look through the window gacha RARE skybox (I’d like to trade or whatever!)



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