“Brick brock, tick tock
Stone the dead duck dead
Brick brock, tick tock
Stone the dead duck dead…”

 (Emililana Torrini, Dead Duck)


In circles we go
Chase your shadow,
Follow your tail,
Never have courage to end the trait.
He loves more her vision of you
than you.
Dead duck smells,
Let’s pretend it’s not there.
Forever she goes,
in circles choke you.
(poem © Lautricienne)



Hi, there.

Dead duck click clock? I’m crazy. Probably.
Exams, so much work, so little rest.
Well, I’ll be gone probably in few days – finally. So you know. If even notice. Ha!

Hair Fair. Gosh. We need some kinda of mantra which we will repeat before tp there so we don’t bankrupt.
Oh, what a sweet misery!
Also, new-old favourite event is on again – On9. (it even have rhyme, on On9, on On9, we goooo…)
You have until 28th to do your shopping there. As you can see, I robbed the event I will be banned soon, haha.
UMEBOSHI. New person to who I am official blogger. Yay! You probably don’t remember than, but if you shroll down, I was blogging their free eyes because it was the best. Ever. And still are. All those galaxies hidden inside their eyes.

There was one topic which bothers me for a longer time.
There is one brave blogger who stand for us all and finally speak about the way how blogger is treated.
I just wanted to say Thank you to lessee79 from Time and Lace.
And also, I realised how amazingly lucky I am to have so lovely and considerable people in my “team” – oh, how cool it sounds, but it is reverse – meaning I’m their team. I had so little bad experiences, even those rare made me check my sanity and to rethink is blogging worth of losing nerves.
I can say that I had biggest problem with the people to who I haven’t applied myself. Happens more often that people simply drop me item, then I need to search through my email system who that was, when, where, what – when discovering, need to to contact, see item and stuff like that. It was usually fun, except one time when that – random-blogging hidden-request turned into – involuntary molest. From a person I haven’t been applied to blog about, did not ask for item, but I got something which was completely out of my style. When checked, I told I cannot blog given item, but I’ve decided (like I always do) to support new designer and to promote him. I haven’t got asked item, yet I got – after only few days – block as friend and bad reviews as a blogger. Bad words to people who know me or don’t know me as a blogger.
Blogger who blog other designers. Who work hard to make their things. And even tho I would never ever blog if I don’t enjoy in it, it is a hard job to make post I would be happy with, when being so perfectionism-crazy minded like I am (not saying it is good anything I do, but I will edit until the time I can close my eyes and hit UPLOAD).

But after all that, after rethink and measure pleasure and stress – then comes people like my dear Katana (Alegria studio), Luy (Center Ville), June (JUMO fashion), Connie (mien.), Alaska (alaskametro), Astrexia (Lovely Disarray), Gyorgyna (LaGyo), Leyla (KoKoLoRes), Vae (ThePlastik), Micah (from little bones.), Xo (Swallow), Ravage (GenesisCreations), psyqueen (MoonAmore), Journey (Vibe) and so many more of them I have honour to work with – and I am close to believe how this all makes sense.

That it makes sense to beg my bf’s laptop to capture shadows, to make sense to Photoshop photos sometimes up to 5+ hours (because laptop was waaaaay to stubborn to actually do what I begged him to do), to draw elbows, to remove photobombed unicorns from photos (or to add them, depending on mood), to upload to Flickr and to add to every single group. That there is a people who will say “oh, you did it well” and “you haven’t completely ruined my product, good job!”.

And for me, some of those people became like family. Not because of compliments – which I am NOT used to, but with encouragement they give me even when I’m down and when I visible messed up quality, time limit, post limit or anything else. With some of them I laught, cried, commented forests rains and insecurities, danced, shared opinions about products, giggled while wearing their horns (and couldn’t enter my friend house for being too tall). Some of them gave me even a place to shot photos (being homeless isn’t so fun), some gave me full access to their product’s kingdom, some of them rewarded me with gift I could never even think of being ever able to have. But most valuable is when world kick me down in the hole where I am usually hiding – few of them said “you are needed”.

So, thank you all. You all are needed. You all are brilliant light shinning through your creativity. Shinning through virtual world which is often home to all of us. Thank you for being here for me and every single blogging person who has limited skill or limited possibility to create. Thank you for supporting me from the very beggining this sparkly adventure and being here up to this days. And I will thank even in the name of all the badass bloggers one day this little unicorn wish to become. (So I don’t post pictures with photobombed unicorn, or in this case, fox. Ah!)

Stay sparkly and excuse my english,


  • MESH HEAD: LeLutka. Mesh Head – STELLA v1.1
  • HEAD APPLIER: Swallow Chrissy Skin PORCELAINE/Applier Lelutka Mesh Head
  • BODY: Swallow – Alice – porcelaine
  • MAKEUP 1 – lips: .:JUMO:. Passion Lips – LELUTKA
  • MAKEUP 2 – eyebags: [KoKoLoReS]BP- Eyebags – dark (LeLutka applier) (NEW@My Slink Obsession) – sorry, I don’t have LM.
  • EYELASHES: alaskametro<3 – Diva prim lashes
  • HAND TATOO: :Moon Amore: – Hand tattoo – Pajari tos
  • NAILS: {Wicked} Peach – Mani/Pedi -Summer Basics SLINK (exclusive @On9)
  • LEG TATOO: DATUM } – The Machine
  • EYES: [UMEBOSHI] Glimmer eyes -Dark grey (NEW @Season Story) (mainstore currently moving, new LM soon!)
  • HAIR: little bones. Potion (L) (NEW @Hair Fair 2015)
  • NOSE RING: NOX. Luna Septum (Silver)
  • EARRINGS: ::: Suki ::: Taya Earrings ~ black (wear) (exclusive @On9)
  • NECKLACE: [Plastik]:–  RFL Faerie Pendant [F]
  • SHOULDER FEATHERS: ::TI:: Shoulder Feathers & Chains – (Thanks, lyll)
  • OUTFIT: :: PurpleMoon :: Fiona Set -all colors- MESH XS (exclusive @On9)
  • BANGLES: Meva Spiral Spheres Bangle Silver (exclusive @On9)
  • RINGS: Meva Spiral Spheres Bangle Silver (exclusive @On9)
  • HEELS: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Cynthia Heel [Black] (exclusive @On9)
  • FENNEC FOX: +Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox – Rollover (past Kustom9)
  • LOCATION: here. (Thanks Duchess Flux for sharing location!)

3 thoughts on “.All Work & No Play Makes Dea a Dull Bunny…

  1. Thanks for this post! While my post was a vent, I think it’s really important to also acknowledge that the designers we do blog for are really nice genuine people who give us great encouragement and support and who treat us well. I think it’s easy to get lost in the negative sometimes and forget to actually point out the positives as well. So thank you for reminding us of that I know I really appreciate it!


    1. Yes, it was a part which was missing, at least for me. I remember having a kidney problems last summer, when I was literary in bed for weeeeeks and I was like – I can’t move, I can’t blog, I’ll be kicked out.
      I haven’t been kicked out from anywhere. And I DO know it was serious, but also so much times it happened the same – people. And I did not want to sound cheesy or whatever, but I kinda needed to say that, because sometimes just saying “Thank you” is not enough.
      And yes, it is easy to get lost in negative – I know it well from my RL, but here, no matter how many people think it is “only virtual” – it is actually MORE ALIVE.
      I feel like part of community (while in RL I usually feel only working force who helps kids with special needs), someone who can share whatever I want to share to to influence somebody only with my mood.
      So, you made me THINK. I hope I will encourage people to FEEL more.
      And I am hoping it will start to look more and more like open dialogue where bloggers and designers are more connected.

      Thank you. Keep sharing your mind, I can’t wait to read more.


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