“Hectically marching through
the stagnant air…
Spin me open, make me breathe,
My soul made a pirouette,
(let me live!)”



You collect me like the first snow,
tender and careful, not to disappear.
But my soul was wild for this
stagnant air.
Dandelion dust, dandelion dust,
try still to collect me.

we never even tried.

(poem © Lautricienne)

Dear A.,
How unsecure we all sometimes are. They said our work reflect us, but we are not the image of our work. We are shattered pieces of all other people’s dreams, fantasies and nightmares.
I wish I have your talent. I wish I have anyone’s talent but mine.
Or do I?
I am used to be me. But some people inspire to be a better me.
No matter if it was afternoon chat, new rebranded SL lips, little sentence to make me feel better – we are our day.
Use it well. I did mine.
(no matter I’m now sitting dead-sick in my room, haha)

SL? Really?
I haven’t been there. LOL.
I lied. I’ve been there – even sick – a little just to pick up my favourite stuff, stop by On9, pick up gifts at events, admire new Swallows skin (well, new for me since I just got it and starre in it for hours!)
Check the items. And hurry up.

Stay sparkly,



  • SKIN: Swallow – Anja Ivory Natural Gull E. (tone A)
  • MAKEUP 1 – eyes + face makeup: Lovely DIsarray – Neo Geisha Concept : Tamashi Complete
  • MAKEUP 2 – lips: Lovely DIsarray – Neo Geisha Concept Lips : Pouty (Red)
  • MAKEUP 3 – freckles: alaskametro<3 – Freckles (many) for lighter skins
  • MAKEUP 4 – eyeliner: NOX. Lash Liner
  • EYES: AMITOMO – TCF 2nd Anniversary Gift Eye (free!)
  • EYELASHES: alaskametro<3 “Vida” prim lashes (tintable)
  • HAIR: little bones. Fame
  • TATOO 1 – chest: DATUM } – Desert Rose
  • TATOO 2 – legs: DATUM } – Magic
  • NAILS: mix of Nailed It – Slink – Spring Beauty Set & French Spring Beauty Set (exlusive! @On9)
  • GLOVES: [ Infliction ] Selkie Gloves – Black (gift on BlackFair, dunno if still running)
  • ROMPER: :: PurpleMoon :: Who Romper Disco (exlusive! @On9)
  • HEAD ACC.: AZOURY – Ashera Head Accessory (exlusive! @On9)
  • NOSE RING: ieQED – double.nose.ring.all (free @WeLoveRP)
  • EARRINGS 1 – black: MaxiGossamer – Earrings – Singapore Swing – Single Ebony (gift on BlackFair, dunno if still running)
  • EARRINGS 2 – pearl: LaGyo – Roysin rose earrings – Black (NEW@Coll88)
  • BRACELET: LaGyo – Daisy bracelet Black/Simple L
  • BRACELET 2: Wimey: Minimal Bangle Silver (exlusive! @On9)
  • NECKLACE: Zibska – Anwyn (exlusive! @On9)
  • CHOKER: pr!tty – Choker – {Heart} (free TCF)
  • ANKLET: Ariskea [Sirene] Gift 1 for Ankle (KUSTOM9 gift)
  • SHOES: E-Clipse – Apollo Salmon (Slink High) (exlusive! @On9)
  • POSE – close up: Vestige – Spartin 1
  • POSE – semiclose: .::Vibe::.. – “Organica” (NEW@Shiny Shabby)
  • POSE – full scene: ..::Vibe::.. – “Organica” (NEW@Shiny Shabby)
  • LOCATION. here.
  • LISTENING: (This time it’s a secret! Shhhhh)

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