“Every time your back was turned
I put the finger in the air
and every time you turn around
I hide it cause i know it hurts.”


Cling onto yourselves.
Your dreams will fade away,
Your body will ache.
There won’t be a shower to wash away all of this dust,
which isn’t yet golden,
it is just something we collect
through the years.
But sometimes, in the mist of
virtual shades, we will find
our punk spirit.

We will be, not so wild and
not so free,
yet – more able to laugh
to ourselves.
You said it is a best

cure for reality.

(lyrics © Lautricienne)


Hi, there…
In short, this is one of my favourite outfit because it is a closest to a style I prefer to always wear.
Mix something with non mixable and have a fun with a fashion.
There is a lot of things going on, so check the credits for all the events going on.

And stay sparkly and glow and flow,




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