“I built a constellation lair
out of the moles that hovered there
a fever billowed with the wind
and I bade the sky therein…”


I was a dancer.
Never good one, never judge day by its air.
Never had my legs healed, never able to move
I was a dancer, my legs are still broken.
So I kinda dreamed I’m a dancer
and while I dreamt, I tried
more than anyone.
In the end,
My legs healed, but the fear stays.
Perfection is what makes
world stay still.
So now I’m able to dance,
but never learned how.
I was a dancer.
Now I forgot I never actually knew I’m the one.
(poem © Lautricienne)




Again me.
These days I’m trying to persuade myself there is still people worth believing in. I’m not quite convinced there is forever-lasting friendships or any kind of human relationships. At some point, everything came on test and the lowest percentage of being-sure-it-is-real is there, probably there’s highest chance to be surprise.
In some point, I read from one of Croatian blogger – and it goes something like this – you can be a angry bat, or decide to be rainbow-ish unicorn. And be happy because you chose to be happy.
So be it. Spread your sparkles. And please send me some.
I lack of it.


So, Skin Fair.
I promised I’ll bugg you with it. :) For this post I decided to wear few of my biggest loves from my SL – KoKoLoRes, alaskametro and Bela Elephante and Plastik (oh, also the new store I blog for! yay!), and some of new discovery for me, how it match with my shape – WOW skins and SyS eyebrow/makeup.
So, KoKoLores presents a bunch of new makeups. Something what made me insanely happy is something what completely change my daily appearance – fine lines around eyes. Check it!
If you knew Bella Elephante for her poses and makeups – time to check her new level: tattoos. I needed to have new one, birdy one. I need to somehow translate it to RL.
Good old, alaskametro prepared her makeups, skins and stuff – I was more than happy with the subtle lip colours and freckles. God, I love freckles so much!
Plastik, as usually, rules when it comes to fantasy thingies. I choose this colour of hand tattoo, but you’ll see me wearing it until it completely washes off, same for the new makeup/eyebrows from sYs which I cannot take off anymore.
And last but not least, WOW Skins. I used to get all those great gifts designer usually give in her store, but never was prepared that I like her new skin so much.
Ilenia series of skins are really detailed and young looking. Even tho I am wearing it with my freckles, without it this skin still remained ME. It come with 3 different eyebrows colors for each pack, and a no brow option as well and cleavage option is included for all packs same as all appliers come in all 5 skin tones. Even tho I really like fair and light skins, I wish this skin came in more dark tone because I think it will show more of the details. But this skin is absolutely must have for all skin addict like I am.
Enjoy shopping and stay sparkly!




3 thoughts on “I Built a Constellation Lair (don’t be afraid, little girl)

  1. Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Cheers


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