“Mary was an acrobat
But still she couldn’t seem to breathe
Mary was becoming everything
she didn’t want to be…”

What would happened
if you got everything you ever wish for?
Would it drive you insane,
or – in the end –
after the phase of disappearance,
retreat and surrender,
you’d sell your nightmares
and step into the future you once
said you are able to make?
Step, step, fall apart…
Step, step, you’re gone.

(lyrics © Lautricienne)


Skin Fair.
It is my downfall, I assume. Every year it brings me such a joy and since I blog, also brings panic and delirium for being able to try and make pictures with new new new skinnishy addiction.
As always, I only try to show you some of them which surprised me, which I find perfect and which – usually – isn’t so common or “popular” kids, meaning – every other avi doesn’t wear it while all looking the same. Today I am wearing stuff from Skin Fair from Pink Acid, KoKoLoRes & La Malvada Mujer.

Being in SL so long as I am, gives you opportunity to stalk designers from the very beginning. So it happened with me and Stasey from the Pink Acid. She has been stalked. A lot. And then she couldn’t bare it with only having makeups and stuff, so she tried to get rid of me by creating skins for over a year. BUT, her skins became so flawless that I will continue to stalk her.

PicMonkey CollageWEB

Doretta skin she made for SkinFair is one of those I like because it look “different”. I know it sounds lame, but with my freckles addiction, some of the skins made me look like a giant weirdo, so this is success for making me happy little avi, who doesn’t look weird. Ha! Btw, as you could notice I always wear most light version of the skins, but this time I even regret for not wearing the darker skin tone, because – on my opinion – it is the best one and most detailed because of the contrast and stuff. And oh, don’t worry about the appliers, she made them all.
Also, please don’t tell her, I consider her as being a badass – her whole style. I tried to make something she inspired me on to, but I ended up looking like a demented squirrel-golden-cheerleader-who-decided-not-to-be-squirell-so-ended-up-running-in-adventure-park-and-cry-there-because-she-is-still-a-squirell.

Anyway, go shop. And visit other events I had a chance to sneak in.

Stay sparkly (and spill sparkles on the skin so it looks better),


  • SKIN: Pink Acid – Doretta – Freckles – Ivory (NEW exclusive @SKIN FAIR 2015, sim 1)
  • MAKEUP 1 – lipstick: La Malvada Mujer – Lily Gloss N2 (NEW cheapie 10L$  @SKIN FAIR 2015, sim 2)
  • MAKEUP 2 – liner: NOX. – Graphic Liner [Six]
  • MAKEUP 3 – nose contour: NOX. – Nose Contour [Light] (tintable)
  • MAKEUP 4 – liner: Lovely Disarray – Mistress Eyeliners : Pointed Fade w/ Lumi
  • MAKEUP 5 – fine lines: [KoKoLoReS] – BP- Fine Lines dark (NEW @SKIN FAIR 2015, sim 2)
  • EYES: Langly – February eyes – brown (free!)
  • EYELASHESalaskametro<3 “Diva” prim lashes (tintable)
  • HAIRlittle bones. Latte (NEW @FAMESHED)
  • SEPTUM RING:Moon Amore:  Arcane Septum – All (NEW @TC4)
  • NECKLACE 1 – :Moon Amore: Arcane – Nckc (Only Simple) ALL (NEW @TC4)
  • NECKLACE 2 – LaGyo – Laura layered necklaces Gold (all in one) (NEW @Collabor88)
  • EARRINGLaGyo – Heart earring Gold R (NEW @Collabor88)
  • HAIR FLOWERS[MANDALA] – MIYABI-GOLDEN -JAPAN (save the children) (was charity item)
  • HORNS: [LF] Dragon Horns  Old Gold (I’m sorry, I don’t have LM, I have no idea where I get it from, but it was gacha)
  • JACKET: /// offbeat /// You are awesome. bomber jk gold (NEW @TC4)
  • SWEATER: /// offbeat /// You are awesome. sweater darkgray (NEW @TC4)
  • LEGGINGSClemmm – Leg Fade Black
  • SHOES{anc} schoolshoes / parade /  for femme.R RARE (past gacha at some event, not sure if it is in store, sorry)
  • LOCATION: here.
  • POSE – used from location, not mine.
  • LISTENING: 30 Seconds To Mars – Buddha For Marry

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