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WastedDreams2aweb2“There’s a story in which my eyes shut
Is it late enough?
Is it late enough?

Can I wake you up?”

Sleepyheads, Madonna’s in our drawers…
How can you be so calm,
Loosing everything,
Through gaining Nothing.
How can you sleep?
Your time is wasted,
You’re with me,
But you don’t belong here.
Rip that broken page or get a new Lungs.
Wake up! Wake up!



There is one special time in Second Life every avatar should experience. Time to buy new elven ears… It’s been a loooong process of collecting money, deciding, bothering people around and in the end – accepting that there is no other choice but Mandala. So, I have new ears thanks to Taliferrue and her kind suggestion. In world, lots of things I had no chance to cover up completelly – Secret Affair (yay, after zilionth try I got ultra rare Junbug dress), Suicide Dollz, Coll88, Genre and so much more…

Enjoy and stay dreamy! Dea WEARING:


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