“The shining, sparkling stars
Always reflect the two of us
Under the sky that hadn’t changed since the day we met.”

“…Then the night grew gray towards the dawn and all hoped that the danger was over—that Princess Moonlight would not have to leave them after all. Then suddenly the watchers saw a cloud form round the moon—and while they looked this cloud began to roll earthwards. Nearer and nearer it came, and every one saw with dismay that its course lay towards the house.
In a short time the sky was entirely obscured, till at last the cloud lay over the dwelling only ten feet off the ground. In the midst of the cloud there stood a flying chariot, and in the chariot a band of luminous beings…”
(part of the japanese folk-story The Bamboo-Cuter and the Moon-Child, <3 )


Hi, all…
So, hope all is back to normal after so long holidays. Atleast it is for me, exams started, so you’ll see me less often (if that’s possible, haha).
LaGyo done her homework – created in my mind – by making bunch of amazing things for few events and basically everything is unicornish-dreamy and I’m in heaven while posing in moon-prop.
Also, I can’t be more thrilled to show you one of my fav skin I’m usually wearing in SL. It is made by my dear friend Luy from Centre Ville and it is even more detailed and realistic than you can see it in my images.
Stay Moon-ish,

P. S: This is my 50th post here, yay! :D


  • SKIN: Center Ville – Yasu skin – Milk
  • EYES: IKON – Deadshine Eyes – Quicksilver (Natural) (free)
  • MAKEUP 1 – liner:  .::ShyGirls::. – PopLiner.Pastel.Purple
  • MAKEUP 2 – undereyes: .::ShyGirls::. – .::SickEyes::. Purple
  • MAKEUP 3 – lipstick: : part of skin pack Center Ville – Yasu Milk, Lipstick Deep Purple
  • MAKEUP 4 – freckles: part of skin Genesis Creations – Veda Ivory Skins
  • HAIR: .Olive. – the Moon Hair – Dec 2014 (Xmas gift)
  • HAIR BASE: ILLMATIC :: Smoothed Baby Hairs – Chestnut
  • NAILS: [KOOQLA] – Ghost Fingers (group gift)
  • NOSE RING: LaGyo – Wintermoon septum ring (NEW @The Season Story)
  • NECKLACE: LaGyo – Wintermoon necklace (NEW @The Season Story)
  • CROWN: LaGyo – Little crown Silver (NEW @Collabor 88)
  • RING 1 – unicorn: :Moon Amore: – Unicorn Ring (Silver/Blue) ( NEW @One World – untill Jan 15) (check image of the item here)
  • RING 2 – star: LaGyo – Star ring Silver (NEW @Collabor 88)
  • SWEATER: *Tentacio* – Choreograoher jacket xs beige (past Arcade item)
  • DRESS: Paisley Daisy -Joeys mesh Sheer Venetian Summer Shorty (group gift)
  • ROSES on the DRESS: part of the dress Sabra Style – Callie Roses 1
  • STOCKINGS: ‘ Outer Limits – Leather-Harness Net
  • SHOES: Essenz – Montreal (Fatpack 2) (past L’accessoires)
  • LOCATION: Pidgeon Island
  • LISTENING: Yura Yura – Heart Grow

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