“I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen the dark
I’ve seen the brightness in one little spark
I’ve seen what I choose and
I’ve seen what I need
And that is enough
to want more would be greed…”

Once I told you that you are always giving-up-er.
Then you told me, after years, that I am not
a picture of someone you wanted
me to be.
Maybe our dreams collided in certain point:
We wanted to become someone else, but
running away from ourselves
We finally discovered
We will never be found.



I was so much away, gloomy RL took place, but now I’m back and running up.
I prepared special post with almost all free items, my catch from best SL shopping season – gifts season :D
So, enjoy… and I apologise if some of the items are not available for free NOW, but otherwise I wouldn’t be able to have them.
And shush, go get bunch of new little bones’s hair and decorate it with LaGyo and L’accessoires, I’m sure it will brighten up your day as it did mine.


  • SKINEssences – {LadyDyvine} Medium01 *cranberry* (free in store)
  • MAKEUP 1 – eyelashes: Essences – part of {LadyDyvine} Medium01 *cranberry* (free in store)
  • MAKEUP 2 – liner: Essences – part of {LadyDyvine} Medium01 *cranberry* (free in store)
  • MAKEUP 3 – teeth: Essences – part of {LadyDyvine} Medium01 *cranberry* (free in store)
  • MAKEUP 4 – eyebags: .::ShyGirls::.-  .::SickEyes::. Red
  • EYESIKON – Deadshine Eyes – Quicksilver (Natural) (free)
  • TATOO – hand: { DATUM } – winter gift
  • TATOO – stomach: { DATUM } – Desert Rose (group gift Energy Club)
  • HAIRlittle bones. – Widow
  • HAIR ACCESSORY – bow: LaGyo – Ribbon headpiece (@ Collabor88 )
  • HAIR ACCESSORY – red thing: VERO MODERO / Passion Headpiece (group gift @ Energy Club)
  • NECKLACELaGyo – Sienna Crystal collier Black (@ Collabor88 )
  • EARRINGSLaGyo – Sienna drop earring Black  (@ Collabor88 )
  • RING 1 – bow: LaGyo – Ribbon ring Black (@ Collabor88 )
  • RING 2 – stone: LaGyo – Sienna stone ring Black (@ Collabor88 )
  • RING 3 – {joli} – Black Onyx Ring (free)
  • BAGLaGyo – Sienna Faux fur bag Red (@ Collabor88 )
  • BRACELET<3Heartistic – Black Leather Bow Bracelet (free, past hunt gift)
  • BRAalaskametro<3 – “Bette” strapless bra w/ waistband – Cranberry 2 (free @ AnyBODY event)
  • JACKETThe Secret Store – Aerolite Jacket – Crimson – XS (free part of Inspirational Point hunt, gifts still on)
  • SKIRT: .: ryvolter :. – Bex Lambskin Leather Pencil Skirt (group gift, fee to join)
  • SOCKS: (NO) – Ripped Up Stockings – Thin (Top)
  • SHOESMIAMAI – EssenX pumps – Red (Slink High) (new @ L’accessoires )
  • POSE 1 – close up, head down: Ma Vie. – Subliminal 06
  • POSE 2 – close up, side look: Ma Vie. – Subliminal 07
  • POSE 3 – sitting: ..::Vibe::.. – Get Low_06
  • LOCATION: here
  • LISTENING: Bjork & Thom Yorke – I’ve Seen It All 

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