She reminds me of someone
I was too afraid to be.
She hides in a parasol,
Bends her life in betweens;
One evil for a lesser one,
Now it’s your time to choose.

Only thing we successfully grow
without any mistake, regret or doubt
is our Fear.
We hide it, tend it, feed it
like a winter grass
it bend on the wind.
What will we leave behind?
Some things we better not mistaken
as something valuable.
Life is fragile.

I’m sorry, I was away for a days. RL is something I wish sometimes to be able to choke and replace with a virtual one.
It seems like every time I log in, there is more and more creativity around me, more beautiful and sparkly things and it helps me throughout the hard times.
So, glow and flow with the L’accessoires, enjoy with the winter feast in a Collabor88 and for sure visit Fantasy Room.
I won’t ramble much about the items, I’ll leave them speak for themselves, because every single piece was a medicine for my soul while making this outfit.


  • SKIN: Genesis_Lab – Frozen_Skin_GIFT (free @Totally Top Shelf)
  • MAKEUP 1 – eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer – Poppy & Benzoic #5 (old item, not sure if av)
  • MAKEUP 2 – eyebrow: [KoKoLoReS] – BP – Shades of… black eyebrows_02
  • MAKEUP 3 – lipstick: NOX. – Punching Lip [Pastel Purple] (was gift, now in store)
  • EYELASHES 1: alaskametro<3 – Diva prim lashes
  • EYELASHES 2: The Annex – Snow Queen Lashes (original is WHITE. I Ps it to black. Sorry, but I had to)
  • EYES: –SU! – Bastet Eyes WHITE (group gift)
  • HAIR: little bones. Lovestruck (@Uber)
  • TATOO: DAPPA – Mariposa Tattoo. [FRESH] (500 likes gift)
  • HAND TATOO: :Moon Amore: – Shanti Hand Tatoo
  • NAILS: –FAUN– Autumn Matte Nails –Gift
  • HORNS: ALEGRIA – Black Ice Crown (@Fantasy Room)
  • SEPTUM RING: :Moon Amore: – Ukka Septum – Celtic [Silver] (NEW! @The Gacha Mania)
  • EARRINGS: LaGyo – Mave chandelier earrings
  • NECKLACE: LaGyo – Sisko necklace Silver
  • RING 1: LaGyo – Ribbon ring Silver ( new @Collabor 88)
  • RING 2: LaGyo – Sienna stone ring Black ( new @Collabor 88)
  • BANGLES: – Studs bracelet black 1 (free!)
  • WOOL SCARF: LaGyo – Sienna Wool scarf Black ( new @Collabor 88)
  • SHIRT: .Shi – [Homme] : Caplet Tank (it’a a male item, so I Photoshoped it to death to fit, sorry!)
  • BELT: *COCO*_CalfLeatherBelt_Black-Studs(pelvis) (old item)
  • LEGGINGS: alaskametro<3 – “Nikki” metallic leggings – sterling (NEW!)
  • BOOTS: NYU – Thigh Leather Boots, Black (Size1) (NEW! @L’accessoires )
  • POSE 1 – kneeling: Vestige – Male Apollo 3
  • POSE 2 – stand: Vestige – Male Apollo 9
  • POSE 3 – close up: Vestige – Male Apollo 9
  • LOCATION: Frisland
  • LISTENING: When Saints Go Machine – Parix

3 thoughts on “.Life-Shaped Fear…

  1. Reblogged this on ALEGRIA Studio and commented:
    Dearra, what a wonderful captures and post! Thanks :))) Poetic, mixing fashion and fantasy with a contrast of independent inner force and fragility and certain mystery… a “life in betweens”… We wish you lots of good medicine for the soul on these days and for the next year! Enjoy ;)


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