“Voy a estirar, el final destaparte
Dibujar, el lugar imaginarte

Tal vez no te das cuenta
todo lo que hacemos sin mirar…”

(lyrics above Fármacos, Lo que hacemos sin mirar)


Whatever happens behind the curtains
better to stay hidden in there.
People say it.
Whole my life, I play in theater show
called Make an automatic smile, be happy.
Even if you’re a unicorn in the
humans world, pretend you know how
it is like to be like others.
Explain why are you so skinny,
so you don’t grow their insecurities.
Learn how not to state your opinion,
because you’re living surrounded by a
people who deny anyone has it.

So, what is your secret sin?
Me? My mistakes are countless,
but only one I will make repetitive:
Live. Be me. Bow to no one.


So, hola!
Music… oh, that magical thing! Every day I fall in love once again, change the role, discover the divine. Check the link, it leads to my dearest band called Fármacos, from Chile. <3

And – another day in SL full of wonders. Ah!
So, first is Cirque de Seraphim from where I draw my inspiration for the whole post. There you’ll have fun posing with .mien., wear war-circus colors and hair from KoKoLores and lots of great designers trying their best in a noble cause, helping American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Also, curent round of L’accessoires is on and you should miss visiting it.
Lot of items I’m wearing is free and I was so proud of designers making such amazing things and giving it away. One of store I blog for, Genesis Creations, is closest to the princip I wanted to maintain in my blog – small stores, creative artist, not overpriced items. Also, he always have a giftie for you.

Be an unicorn. And stay sparkly.
Always huggs,


  • SKIN:  Genesis Creations – Alara -Ivory- DB (NEW!)
  • MAKEUP1 – eyeshadows: La Malvada Mujer – B.N. #3
  • MAKEUP2 – eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer – Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide#2
  • MAKEUP3 – tear: mijn.t [Pierrot le Clown] – black tear – CHIN – DU III (old)
  • MAKEUP4 – lip dot: .ID. Lip Dot – Pink (not avaliable)
  • MAKEUP5 – nose shading: Exile: Insomnia (not avaliable)
  • EYELASHES: Clemmm – Dark Chic Circus Lashes (free)
  • EYES: Clemmm – Eyes – Window Ocean (free)
  • TATOO: Speakeasy :: Sleepwalking tattoo faded (was free, not sure now)
  • NAILS: alaskametro<3 SLINK nails- Byzantine Charcoal (New!)
  • HAIR: [KoKoLoReS] – Hair – Serendipity (busty) (@Cirque de Seraphim)
  • HEADPIECE: bAoBa – “L’Scala”  ( White ) (new! @L’accessoires)
  • PATCH: ALEGRIA – Patch spike black/silver right (NEW!)
  • RINGS: Eclectica – ‘Glimmer’ Diamante Ring (new! @L’accessoires)
  • NECKLACE: Zibska – Leelah – Necklace (new! @L’accessoires)
  • EARRINGS: Zibska – Leelah – Earrings (new! @L’accessoires)
  • CORSET with SHRUG: Cain – Burlesque Corset dress with shrug (free on MP)
  • SOCKS: edge grafica – 06 over-knee sokcs_white (not avaliable)
  • SHOES: <HollyHood – Teabelic Heels – black & white (I used two diff pairs) (new! @L’accessoires)
  • POSES: .mien. -{aerial}  (@Cirque de Seraphim)
  • LOCATION: KeKeLand

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