“I’ll hide all the paths I once knew
Inside of you.
I’m the cartographist of our own
ghostly form once called Life.
This Earth is abandoned.”

How long we can keep listening
screams of our tortured Mother
while doing all these mistakes
we can’t even pronounce?
We need a diagnose to be able
to diagnose our unability
to explain ourselves.
Sometimes, I feel so small,
doing so much mistakes
I won’t be able to
repell alone.

So, hello… longer time didn’t see you see me. Ha.
I’ve been busy trying to be busy, but basically haven’t done nothing smart. One great thing is how persistant my non-creativity can be sometimes.

Great things happening in SL. I FINALLY got curage to try my luck with being serious-big-bad-blogger-person (read: scared unicorn who knows how messy she looks) and after a long break after a La Metallique event – apply for L’accessoires. So, you’ll see me going crazy by trying to show you instant dose of beautifulness shown up there.
Also, I’ve been a bad blogger and I end up doing this post sooo late to show you items from Alegria Studio from the past The Fantasy Room, but luckily, you can find it on MP (link listed after) and I’ll show you new round in post to follow.
And I was also bad blogger for Axxis store and I show collar really late, but it is something I was thinking for a long time HOW to show, but really show it, not just put in outfit that will eat it.
My diarest LaGyo made sick great things for this round of Coll88. I’m sorry I modified crystal ball, but I had to because I coudln’t resist and I’m sure you’ll see how great prop it is.
What more, what more… Oh! I have no idea. I wish to get any feedback, sometimes. I wish that people talk more. With my previous post I hit over 200 favorites on Flickr, but yet I felt lonelier than ever – knowing that now is easy to disapoint – people who give me their items to blog, my dear followers and random travelers through my blog – made me anxious. And blogging should be fun.
So, expect fun from me. I don’t know how to try to make my blog more meaningfull than it is. To me.

Stay sparkly,


  • SKIN: Lara Hurley -Riah (group gift)
  • MAKEUP 1 – eyeline: .:{K}Rea:.  Gift Eyeline (not avaliable)
  • MAKEUP 2 – face paint: .idiot. – Face Paint Vengeance_02 (was free, not sure if still is)
  • EYES: [KoKoLoReS] Eyes – Witches Gaze – silver
  • EYELASHES: [ glow ] studio – Lashes – Lightning (WHITE)
  • HAIR: little bones. Fiction [L]
  • TATOO: AITUI TATTOO – The War Against Om – BW, op 1  [Fresh] (hunt gift)
  • HORNS: Pure Poison – Chrome Capri Horns
  • NECKLACE: LaGyo – Mave necklace Black (NEW! @Collabor88)
  • COLLAR: ::Axix:: – Marimba Collar : Gazelle [Old Silver]
  • NOSE RING: ALEGRIA – Beast Warrior Nose Piercing Arrow Old Silver
  • EARRINGS: ALEGRIA – Beast Warrior Earring Arrow Old Silver (D)
  • SHOULDER ARROWS: ALEGRIA – Beast Warrior Shoulder Arrows Old Silver (D)
  • SPINE THINGY: ALEGRIA – Beast Warrior Spine Arrows Old Silver
  • GAUNTLETS: ALEGRIA – Beast Warrior  Gauntlet Steel (Female)
  • DRESS: [sYs] – NAIADES long dress – white (S)
  • SHOES: Hollyhood – Holly Black Teabelic Heels (NEW! @L’accessoires)
  • CRYSTAL SPHERE: LaGyo – Crystal sphere (with pose) (NEW! @Collabor88)
  • POSE 1 – full: Vestige – Sea Monster F 10
  • POSE 2 – holding sphere: Vestige – Female Andromeda 2
  • POSE 3 – close up: [KoKoLoReS]{posing}rawr
  • LOCATION: here.
  • LISTENING: nothing meaningfull recently. Lyrics is just my stream of thoughts.

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