“Recurring thoughts of separation
Ones in which we are all alone
What keeps our heart from
feeling wholeness
And everywhere we look we see ourselves…”

We all everything we are.
Maybe our feelings faded away,
Maybe you hide them too well.
We will never know.
You were like a wounded bird,
Lost yourself in my heart.
You called me “My November”,
But you had all before,
So maybe November is just something,

Better than yesterday,
Worst than tomorrow.


So, three things:
1. CANDY FAIR 2014 started. It’s full of wonders, worth of seeing and buying. I robbed few stores, including Essences, Tentacio, Nantra, Cannibelle, Lassitude & Ennui, {Wicked} Peach  & few others which I will show you in other post. This way, I wish to thanks to every designer who trusted in me.
2. LaGyo has new item in FAMESHED. Pretty horse-ish necklace I instantly fell in love with.
3. KoKoLoRes released bunch of new hairs. You can find her newest hair on Mystic Realms Faire and in Fi*fridays  and all full releases’ in store.

3½ – stay sparkling, sugarish and autumnish.



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