“I was always an unusual girl.
My mother told me I had
a chameleon soul,
no moral compass pointing due north,
no fixed personality;
just an inner indecisiveness that was
as wide and as wavering as
the ocean…”

Same as Lana, once before like 3 years ago,
I had that kind of “talk” with my mom.
We all probably did, and we all was probably
afraid of that.
Afraid to find out who you actually are
through the eyes of the others.
My mom told me most becautiful thing in the world.
Simple, “I believe in you.
I believe in your choices.
I never expected or had think that you can
settle with the “ordinary life”,
because, no matter what life you live,
it will be – yours.
And – you are extraordinary to me.
So, be free to follow yourself.
I’ll always have your back.”


This was probably one of my favourite post ever.
Everything was in the right place, computer was working, birds did not sing and sun did not shine (yeah, I’m that gloomy person, lol). Topic of the Collabor 88 was Miami Electric, which I really know how to interpretate, so I did my own, croatian, version of it. So, colorful, shiny, rainy and moody-est pastel-colorful colors you will ever see. (I tried so hard to hurt your eyes with the last one, hehe). But aside all the goofs, I was so happy with the new items. Hope you are too.
So, LaGyo rocks this round on Collabor 88. little bones. decided to makes me a happiest unicorn in the world by released Eden II. .mien. rocks the avi’s attitude once again with the feeling and Wappen, oh, little Wappen did amazing flowery job.
So, enjoy!

Stay colorful!




  • SKIN: -Glam Affair – Skye II – Asia 01 C (gatcha @The Arcade)
  • HAIR: little bones. Eden II (gatcha RARE @The Secret Affair)
  • EYES: [KoKoLoReS] Eyes – Summer Reflections – sundown
  • MAKEUP 1 – liner: Nox. – Electric Liner II [Green]
  • MAKEUP 2 – lower liner: ::ShyGirls::. – PopLiner.Pastel.Purple. (cheap)
  • MAKEUP 3 – lipstick: Pink Acid – Juicy Fruit Lips V2 – Orange (free!)
  • EYELASHES: alaskametro <3 – Vida eyeslashes
  • NAILS – hands: beauty by alaskametro<3 SLINK manicure applier – “Tropics/Gold”
  • NAILS – feet: beauty by alaskametro<3 SLINK pedicure applier – “Tropics/Gold”
  • NECKLACE: LaGyo – Morgan necklace Tangerine (@ Collabor 88)
  • BANGLES: LaGyo – Morgan bangle Purple & Pink (@ Collabor 88)
  • CLUTCH: LaGyo – Morgan clutch Gold (@ Collabor 88)
  • SHIRT: [::WAPPEN::] – summer TOP *cute plumeria* XXS
  • JACKET: Modd.G – Black Clubbing Jacket (old item, not avaliable)
  • SKIRT: -David Heather-Tubino Skirt/Pastel Purple S (was on Kustom9, now check the store)
  • SHOES: LaGyo – Morgan sandals Tangerine (@ Collabor 88)



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