“My wife stood by the harbor
Her hands set in a wave
Like no more evening and day
Now I see the beauty I failed to see
when she was me…”

(Emiliana Torrini, Autumn Sun)

Where are you?
Will I soon find you in the deepest void of my mind?
Will it soon be over?
Sun is burning my eyelids, my skin is almost cracked and it’s so hard to breathe.
Or is it already done?
I dream about you almost every night and sometimes I wonder
if I am the one who creates you in my dreams or you already exist somewhere
searching for the path towards me or just the end of the summer and
when the sun dies – we can be born?!
Will you hold me one day in my deepest lonely summer,
telling me that big bad sun will never come back?
(by Lautricienne aka. me)



Big bad sun is still in it’s pitch perfect glow even in SL. I never liked it and never will, so for me it usually means summer blues.
Somehow, The Co-Op event Bondi Beach is rare summer event I did not decide to ignore because it is different than usual, all summer-ish event with lots of sand, hawaiian things and stuff. Harlequin Fhang made once again something extraordinary, beach with the soul who can adapt to everyone – to me – rare, lonely feeling, warmth but also tranquility and calmness.
Designers. Ah, they did amazing job with diversity of items, so your curiosity and shopping-mania will be awarded :) Event ends 21st August.
From the sparkling sand to the sparkling items, our world Second life is full of wonders. Prepare, soon will start La Metallique Fair by L’accessoires. If you know me, you’d know I’m real sparkles-unicorn-maniac (even almost started my own religion, haha), so when I found out that I am accepted as a official blogger for the fair which theme is sparkles, glitters, metallic and shine, I almost died of happiness.
I sneak peak at the items, so decided to show you jewelry from Alegria Studio, which is also part of the outfit of some of the characters of upcoming artistic project Theater Night’s Dream in LEA25.

Also, check new little bones. hair in The Chapter Four. And whole event. Get broke. End summer in style. Ha!


Huggs and sparkles,



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