“I am thinking it’s a sign
That the freckles in our eyes
Are mirror images and when we kiss
They’re perfectly aligned…”

Being home alone was not fun at all.
Me and my cat have raided everything across the place, mess everything we could and then had sugar overdose. Both.
Then, for the sake of our own health, went somewhere where we were both loved.
Now we’re back again in our three-member family and still trying to forget we were separated.
Meanwhile in SL, my sparrow Šišmiš (yeah, croatian is hard :P) and me (cat were outside while we savaged our cabin) decided to play with a planes…
You can guess… paper-planes is most fun things in the world… as long as you watch out where you step on so the kneses don’t pay the price.
What is yours summer plans?

So, Hai…
I’m bit late with everything, but just in time to show you – again (check the previous post for the shirt) – new cutie thing my new favorite store Wappen released. I was looking for ages for something similar, so finally I got it. Kneeses hurt tatoo which inspired me for the whole post. Also, Wappen is one of my new store who gave me pritty things in exchange for goofy blog posts for who I blog for. Ha! Say welcome by visiting it.  (>‿◠)✌
From the event, Hair Fair is still on during this weekend. I decided not to blog much from it (Skin Fair was most stressfull experience for me so far, so I decided not to go that road again) except for my constant hair love, little bones. Nova released bunch of great hair for it and I can wait to grow them all, during the time, on my pixel head. ❥
Kokolores went crazy-creative for this round of Cosmetic Fair (1-30th July). I tried to show you all – so from the eyes, freckles, eyeshadows to the lipstic – I’m all dressed up, or better make-up-ed with brand new Leyla’s stuff. What a joy!
Last but not least, Moon Amore was busy creating shoes which will blow your mind for colors… I couldn’t decide which one to choose, but somehow my autumn-in-the-middle-of-summer-ish look demanded quirky yellow-orange one.  (Btw, I don’t have slink flat shoes, so I tried it with The Shops‘s one which is free. I couldn’t believe, but you can wear that shoes with it) You can find them still at the Mange Fair which ends July 30th. Run!

That’s all for me. In the following episode, I’d probably go where no Dea has gone before.
Skater love, baby.


FURNITURE (in case you wonder – all items are really cheap, it goes from 0-20L$, not sure how much each costed):

  • SOFA: LISP – Trunk Suitcase Sofa – Leaves2 (20L$)
  • SPARROW’S BENCH: LISP – Sparrow Swing (cheap)
  • SPARROW on the window: LISP – Sparrow Perky (cheap)
  • BUTTERFLY framed: LISP – Red Butterfly Picture (cheap)
  • PAPER PLANES from the ceiling: LISP – Paper Plane Red  (cheap)

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