“If storms are breaking over great escapes
Boy, we’ll find how to make it with the rain
This rage will lead us through
the burning plains
No matter what they say,
We’re HEROES…”

Sometimes our own decisions make us more fragile
than we actually are.
We lack the courage to admit how strong we can be or that even the courage is something we can learn, train and harvest in full bloom.
Maybe we did not get full instruction for live, maybe we lack motivation, real reasons or just good high wind.
But we hide under divided lies – one to self, other for the ones who are willing to believe in it all.
That we are weak. That we are not made to heal.
Not made to fullfill whatever we’re designed to.

But we are. We can be whatever we want to be. We can seak love, help, respect and nobody can’t blame us for that.
Just have to make it with the rain. ☂


People, Fashion For Life (I linked you official blog with LMs to all stores listed) is up and running. Time to go there, do something good and feel good about spending your time in Second Life and doing something good. I explained all in previous post what it is all about in case you still don’t know nothing about it ツ
Also, if you were following, new round of Coo-Op event started, so Mushroom Kingdom is only waiting for you. Don’t forget to jump on every mushroom, it’s so so fun (I will not even say how much time I spent trying to reach ceiling and making weeeee sound like little child *blush*)

Lots of love,


P. S. Many thanks to my bf who spent his time telling me over and over how does the Illustrator works and making twich in Photoshop which I’m too lazy unable to do myself. Thanks for being patient with me. Let the unicorn-bat-cat sparkle power be with you.  ♥


(NOTE: As always, in store name is link to the mainstore, but I tried to add all the direct links for stores participating in FFL event in event name. I also, in main post linked you adress to all LMs, so if I messed up something, go check official blog for any possible mistakes)

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