“There goes the sun, oceans away
And leaves the day for someone else.
I take it all in a box and make my way
down to the shore,
Throw it in and begin to leave it
to the waves”

What is your deepest fears?
How brave we all can be/become?
Probably we should learn from the strongest ones, milions of people who struggle for their life daily.
So, join them in SL and show our support.


I’m happy to announce you that Fashion For Life, event in support American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, is about to start. The theme this year is Wanderlust, so pack your baggs, good intentions and wallets and from June 7th until June 20th join us in the journey across 10 amazing sims and shop in around 150 stores, gacha areas, enjoy in game and do something that will
make a change.

I’m really happy to be official blogger for this event. As you know, recently I’ve been a lot contemplating about my heath and life. Nothing wokes you up more than realizing how little, fragile and lonely we all are or can become under certain circumstances and how your life can change in a day just by being sick.
My story isn’t about cancer, it’s about everything, FEELING of it all. Feeling of how is to be constantly afraid for people you love, for the world and for yourself.
World is a cruel place, I know it from before.
Only thing I learned is how people do make a difference by helping, volunteering, being kind and being – people.
I’ll never forget that and will always try to be one of them.


NOTICE: Fashion For Life LM now leads to the official page, real location will be posted when the event starts.


19 thoughts on “.The Sea is a Cruel Lover, It Makes Our Wounds Salt…

  1. His sweet friendliness and simplicity to the case of so endearing way we farmers make a huge contrast when we see such a beautiful post about this. His sensitivity to show the little details make them great! Thank you for giving me and see something so magnificent! This is all perfect! Luy


    1. Point I understood is something I agree with. We are all making difference and I’m also honoured to be one who participate in making something small for the greater good.
      Thank you! Your words mean a lot to me, dear Luy <3


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