“I heard them calling in the distance
So I packed my things and ran
Far away from all the trouble
I had caused with my two hands

Alone we travelled on with nothing but a shadow
We fled, far away…”

Is your mind sometimes tired of searching,
tired of waiting, tired of exploring, tired of…
not dreaming?
How scared actually you can be, scared not to do something?
Sometimes… I’m a wind – sometimes, I am afraid.
He told me he is afraid once.
He asked if I believe in him.
He is… safe in world’s arms.


But remember, as in Spirited Away is said: “While you cross the bridge, don’t breathe.
Even a little breath and everyone will find out.”

Oh, hai!
I’m in a dreamy mood, so you should be too. Ha!
As you know, second round (yay!) of Coo-op event has started and the theme is Kensington Gardens which runs until May 21st.  
If you search for something special and place to clear your mind, that is place to be.
Whole sim is beautifully designed and I’m sure you’ll spent there more than just a shopping time, but trust me, you will be broke on the exit ت
Also, Moon Amore released new items for Fit for Princess event. It is dreamy Primavera Dress which comes in 4 sizes and an optional flower arrangement with change colour hud. There is and gatcha Realeza ring – each pack contains 2 rings and a lil hud with 4 textures to choose.
What color will you choose?

Last but not least, KoKoLoRes released new Luminous eyes for fi*friday – they come in 4 tones and either you choose Pan’s promise like me or other dreamy title – you will see the world differently ツ
Ah, and there is two hunts I liked so much: Nouveaux Mini Hunt May & The Cotton Candy Hunt.
Try out your hunting skills!




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